Sunday, January 16, 2011

Activated Charcoal and it's uses at home: Using Charcoal to clean my teeth

Whoa!!   Is she pretty or whatttt!!!  Okay, no.

Ok (Megan this is for you), I can't post stuff that I don't or won't do my self...Soooooo, I did it. I have been wanting to brush my teeth with my charcoal forever and today I finally got it out and just did it! I plan to do it regularly too.
It wasn't too bad really. It doesn't have much taste and it is mostly
just chalky. But BE WARNED...It is messy. It's such light weight powder that it makes quite a mess so don't get it out with your best

white shirt on!!!  What you can do is mix up a little with water in a small container then add the essential oil/oils of your choice.  I added cloves but you could add whatever you like, peppermint, spearmint, tea tree (not sure how that would taste), orange...and so on.  Also, I suggest covering your shirt while brushing because it does tend to splash.  After I brush with it, before rinsing, I floss so I am sure to get it up into my gum area to pull out any thing living in there that I don't want.  I then have to go back and brush again just to get the black stuff out from between my teeth but they feel CLEAN!

I would say you may not want to do this everyday because it is a little time consuming but I would think once or two times each week would be a great addition to your oral care routine.  

Here are a couple of pics Tanner took of with charcoal and one without (just so you can see I really do have teeth).

 Wow, that does look bad doesn't it?

Tanner says I'm "cheesy."  Really?

Read on to learn about the benefits of activated charcoal and why you should have it around...


Spice Tree Music said...

HAHA!! I love you Traci! I have never heard of people brushing their teeth with it. good to know!

Mommy Set Free said...

This is halarious! Love it! You are even beautiful with black teeth Traci!

I cap my charcoal. Some of us can't get away with that like you can. ;-) I have never thought to brush my teeth with it....maybe I'll try it after everyone goes to bed one night. (tee hee) I DO LOVE a squeeky clean mouth. :-)

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