Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thankful Heart

1Corinthinthians 7:3
And let the man render to his wife the kindness which is due; and so also the woman to her husband.
This is the desire of my heart, to love my husband and show him kindness.  There are days when I know I must seem ungrateful for all that he does for his family.  He works very hard each day to provide.  He is committed to us and he shows his love to us freely.
It is so important for me to remember to give Abba thanks for the blessing He has provided to me in giving me my husband. 
1Thes. 5:18
And in everything be thankful for this is the will of Elohiem in Yahushuah the Messiah concerning you.
It can be so easy to take your eyes off of the provision that Abba has made to us and then soon become unthankful for what we do have, focusing on what we think we don’t have.  Our joy will always be found in offering thanksgiving to Abba for His perfect will in our lives.
Paul reminds us of this fact when he tells us that he has learned to be satisfied in whatever circumstance he finds himself placed by Abba.  Whether it be a time of prosperity or a time of need, he understood his strength was found in the provision that Abba has given in Yahushuah and that he had no need beyond that provision. 
Phil. 4:11-13
…I have learned to make that satisfy me which I have.  I am able to be brought low and I am able to be brought high in everything; in all these things I am exercised (in my faith), both in prosperity and in famine, in abundance and in poverty.  I find strength for everything in Messiah who strengthens me.
I pray that this will be the offering of thanksgiving that I will bring to Abba as a sweet smell before Him.  His mercies to me are long and He has done me good all of my days. 
Thank you Abba for teaching us “THE WAY” in which we should go that leads us to you.  Teach us to walk in (apply) it to each step we take that we might uphold your covenant because of our love for you and our thankfulness for all You do for your people.

 May your day be blessed as you seek your way in Yahushuah.

The above picture is, "Miriam offering her song of thanksgiving."

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