Friday, January 7, 2011

Tanner is 15!!

Tanner just had his 15th birthday. Here is the family...Dad, Corey, Caleb, B'lynne, Mo, Nanny, Doug, Laurie, Allison, Jordan...Happy B-day Tanner!! B got some goodies too and that made her very happy.

She was so pumped for Tanner's b-day...she couldn't wait for cake...the first thing she said when she got up from her nap that day was..."it's time for Tanner's birthday!" She was amped!

Her daddy is helping her load her gun so she can shoot it.

Also, Tanner got his driver's permit...on his first try:) It is amazing to me that he can drive...although he doesn't really care to (so he says). But I'm in no hurry for him to drive, I know he will when he's ready.

Thank you Abba for the children you have given me. They bless me every day.

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