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HaShem...The Name Revealed

 Psa 68:4  Sing unto Eloheim, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name YAH, and rejoice before him. 

       Psa. 83:18 That men may know that you whose name alone is "Yahuah" are most high over all the earth.

This post is intended to better clarify MY understanding of our Heavenly Father's name and His son Yahushuah's name.  I have posted this to explain how we have come to our current  understanding of our Father's name but I also hope that you find this informative because as "Christians" most of this information just hasn't been available to us until this specific time in history.  

**I will note that at this time, the pronunciation of the name is still uncertain because it has been hidden from us (I'm sure not for good reasons) for many, many years.  The Hebrew letters of His Name are: Yod-Hey-wah-Hey  but since it hasn't been spoken much over the last 2000+ years, men have lost the exact pronunciation of the Name above all Names.  Having said that, I believe it is being restored to a group of people in these last days for purpose... because the house of Israel is being restored and the bride is being made ready for her Husband!

I will also note, I  want to keep my heart and my mind open to learn as Abba teaches me and opens up new truths regarding His Kingdom.  I do not want to have a heart that is hardened and formed, I want to have a heart that can be molded into the vessel I am to be this day...

I hope I have something here for everyone’s learning style…for those who learn best by reading, I have text (there’s a lot, but I promise it is worth reading if you haven’t read this before!!)  and for those who prefer video, I am including a You Tube link from “The Messenger of The Name” called, HaShem Revealed, parts 1-7 which you will find just below the picture at the beginning of this post.  

I do hope you enjoy this and are able to read this with a heart that is willing to learn and hear if this is for you today.

***Also, please note most of the information in this post is taken from "Promote the" strictly for the purpose of explaining why I understand my Heavenly Father's name the way I do. I am not endorsing their sight or any of the info contained in their sight except what is printed here...I just
  think they did a much better job than I did trying to explain it!!
So any link from this post is only supplied for visual purposes so that you may better understand this text.


We serve YAHUAH, the Elohim of Abraham, Yitshaq, and Ya’aqob
(God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob).
 He is Sovereign and Creator of the universe, Maker of all things. We here at this blog (in my home) believe His Name is pronounced Yah-OO'-ah.  
YAHUAH means ‘I WAS, I AM, I WILL BE.’  YAHUAH is forever present in all three tenses: past, present, and future.  YAHUAH is Self-Existent! (Ps. 68:4, Is. 12:2, 38:11 kjv)

The Name YAHUAH appears in the original Hebrew text of the Scriptures over 6,800 times. However, in English versions of the Scriptures, His Name is commonly substituted with the words  “LORD” and “God” written in either all caps as in LORD or capitalized first letter “G” as in God. 
 The words “Lord” and ‘God’ are not translations of His Name. They are substitutions of His True Hebrew Name YAHUAH.  YAHUAH commands us to call upon His Name, to make His Name known, and to not wipe out or forget His Name…
See the following verses: Isaiah/Yesh. 12:4;   Psalms/Teh. 105:1,3; Exodus/Shem. 9:16; Ezekiel/Yehez. 39:7; Deuteronomy/Deb. 12:3,4; Jeremiah/Yirm. 23:27; Psalms/Teh. 44:20.  We must obey these commands and call upon the True Name of our Father YAHUAH in worship and prayer.

The EVIDENCE about the Names on this page is overwhelming.  
*sn= sign name or names that have been corrupted by pagan influences.

Names give IDENTITY.

[ahy-den-ti-tee, i-den-] -noun
1. the condition of being oneself or itself, and not  another.
2. condition or character as to who a person or what a thing is.
3. the state or fact of being the same one as described.
The actual word "Name" not only means "character and reputation" but also a literal written and spoken word (name).
Strong's gives the definition of the Hebrew word "shem" which is translated as "name" all throughout scripture as: 
Strong's # 8034 Shem; a primitive word [perhaps rather from 7760 through the idea of definite and conspicuous position; compare 8064]; an appellation, as a MARK or memorial of individuality; by implication honor, authority, character: - + base, [in-] fame[-ous], name[-d], renown, report.

Now, imagine how our Creator feels being that most of the world doesn't know or care to know His name! Yet Scripture says in Yeshayahu (sn- Isaiah) 52:6
"Therefore My people shall know My Name..." 
 Most of the world calls Him by a generic title like "God" or "LORD." What most don't know is that this has been intentionally done by the "Holy Roman Church," as well as perpetuated by many "Jewish Rabbis." As a matter of fact, the Creator talks about this in Yermeyahu (sn- Jeremiah) 23:26, 27:
“Till when shall it be in the heart of the prophets? – the prophets of falsehood and prophets of the deceit of their own heart, who try to make My people forget My Name by their dreams which everyone relates to his neighbor, as their fathers forgot My Name for Baal.”

Not only have most forgot and not known His Name, but they've substituted it for pagan names- "Baal" and "God." Are you ready for a shocker? Just look at what the definitions for "Baal" and "God" are:

Hebrew- ba'al, lord, "Baal" definition: "Lord" (Per Webster's Dictionary).
Baal- lord(1.) The name appropriated to the principal male "god" of the Phoenicians.
Our Creator has a Name, and it's certainly not "LORD" (Baal). Many will get upset by finding this out and react in several ways, but this can be easily proven (We'll provide you with access to our advanced research that will prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt).
GOD- According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, GOD is the common Teutonic word for a personal object of religious worship, applied to all the superhuman beings of the heathen mythologies. The word "god" on the conversion of the Teutonic races to "christianity" was adopted as the name of the One Supreme Being. Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics and Webster's Twentieth Century Dictionary agree that the origin is Teutonic paganism.

As amazing as this may all seem, the Scriptures predict that this will happen. Look at Revelation 12:9:

"So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him."

Who would imagine that the WHOLE WORLD would be DECEIVED? This includes all of us! Those of us who put this site together admitted that we were deceived and decided to repent and turn to the truth. Once a person humbles themselves and repents the "blinders" come off and all truth begins to be revealed. This is the truth.

…it is vital that you understand John (*sign name) 17:3-
"And this is everlasting life, that they should know You, the only true EloAH (sn- God), and  Mashiach (Messiyah) whom You have sent."
*Sign Name (sn) = Corrupted names that have now become common.

… most people get caught up on a prior decision  (to follow Abba) they had made based upon the information  they had available to them at that time and are fearful to let go of things they have previously learned as truth (ie., information  received from tradition- ie. family or church). It's tough we know, but one has to have a continual desire for the truth. The reason we mentioned the above verse is because it says that Eternal Life comes from "knowing" who THE Creator really is. Knowing Him goes along with knowing His name. This is typically how all relationships begin- knowing what a person's name is. In fact the word "name" comes from the Paleo-Hebrew word "per-shem"  

(per name), which is where we get the english word "person" from. So a person's name is actually who they are and how they are identified! Pretty simple, huh?

So let's get down to the Truth of what The Name of the only Creator/Savior is as well as what the name of His Son is. We will also elaborate on several of the "true" names of the Prophets and the Apostles. This allows us to begin to know the truth. The rest of the Scriptures begin to come together and make sense once you get the "names" straight (see the evidence).

Mishle (sn- Prov) 30:4-6
4 Who has ascended into heaven, or descended? Who has gathered the wind in His fists? Who has bound the waters in a garment? Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is His name, and what is His Son's name, If you know?
Every word of Eloah [sn-God] is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him. 6 Do not add to His words, Lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar.
This Mishle (Proverb) challenges us to see, and expects us to know the Name of the Father and the Son. It also challenges that whoever adds to His Words will be found to be a liar, and no liar will inherit Eternal Life (see Rev 21:8). This is where it gets exciting, because now you will never have to guess what our Creator's or Savior's name is. We will also provide you with undisputable proof that His Name is what we show you it is. There have been many who have been close but have missed. This is important because there is POWER and SALVATION in His Name. As a matter of fact His Name is so important that the Scriptures tell us that Acts 2:21 that whoever calls on his NAME shall be saved.

The Creator Himself wrote His Name with His finger on the Ten Commandments. (To see how it is written in Paleo Hebrew and block form Hebrew go to:

Both these languages (Paleo and Hebrew) show His name to be YAHUAH 
(pronounced: yah-hoo-ah).   As a matter of fact all languages pronounce it the same, because you do not change the "pronounciation" of a name from one language to another, it  always is pronounced the same.  Again, names do not change in pronounciation from one language to another!   (check out the "The 4 Undisputable Facts" link  found below for more on this).
Now here’s  the real shocker! How many of you have believed that the name of our Creator's one and only Son was "Jesus?" This will break many hearts like it did ours at first, but the Son's

Name is for an absolute fact not "Jesus." The Son of YAHUAH bears His Father's name.  His name was YAHUsha. "YAHU" is short for YAHUAH, and "sha" means Salvation in Hebrew.  When we put the two together we get YAHUsha, which means "YAHUAH is Salvation."  YAHUsha was the name He carried while here on earth. After His resurrection he has been given the name above all names, YAHUAH the Savior. Again, He and His Father bear the same Name! It's pretty simple when you let it be what it is. We can prove this also beyond a shadow of a doubt. Let's give you a few quick Scriptures that will allow you to piece this together. The Savior, YAHUsha, said in Yahuchanon/ John 5:43 (sign name and corrupted to John):

Yahuchanon (sn- John) 5:43 "I have come in my Father's Name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own namehim you will receive."
**Note:  Do you see they would not receive the “salvation” sent from the Father…The Salvaation Of Yah or Yahushuah.

Yahuchanon (sn- John) 10:25- YAHUsha (name corrupted to Jesus) answered them "I told you, and you do not believe. The works that I do in My Father's Name, they bear witness of Me."
Now look closely at these two simple but powerful verses for a second. First of all in Yahuchanon (sn-John) 5:43, the Savior gives an incredible prophesy (prediction) that has literally come true. His Name has been changed by corrupt humans influenced by Shatan (Satan). He said clearly that "I have come in My Father's Name." Now if you know the Father's Name you will be able to know the Son's Name. The Father's Name is YAHUAH. So that means that all or part of the Son's Name will have YAHUAH's Name in it. All you have to do is look at some "Original and/or Early Textual Scriptures," and it will be very obvious to you. That is why throughout this site we put different pictures of some Original or near Original Texts for you to observe.

But look at the verse (Yahuchanon 5:43) a little closer and you will see the remainder of the startling prophesy come true. YAHUsha says that He comes in His Father's Name and "you do not receive me." Then He says that if another comes in his own name, him you will receive. What is the Name of the true Savior? YAHUsha (now YAHUAH the Savior / Messiah). What is the name of "another" that most are calling the Savior?   "Jesus" (derived from IeSus a Latinized Greek pagan name).  
Folks, as startling and shocking as this may be, it is the truth. Do the research, it’s available IF you want to know.   If you don't "love the truth," then Scripture tells us you will be sent a delusion in your mind so that you will actually believe a lie that leads to your own destruction (see 2 Thess 2:9-12). This is no game here. You need to know the truth based on the word of Yahuah.
Important Note: The name "Jesus" did not appear on the face of the planet until the year 1628 in the 5th edition of the King James Versus. "Jesus" came from the corrupted name the translators of King James used, "Iesus."   In (Matt chapter 4) of the 1611 King James it shows the Savior's Name changed to "Iesus" .  The name "Iesus" in Greek means "Born Of or Out of Zeus." Pretty shocking, huh? But it's true. The Greeks had tons of "sun god" and "pagan" worship. "Sus" is the ending of many pagan names that honored "Zeus"-- example: Pegasus and Tarsus (Tarsus literally means "The sweat of Zeus"). This is crazy, but true.  They have paganize our savior’s name!  Why, perhaps to try and separate Yahushua from Yah so as to separate the “old from the new.”

YAHUsha reiterates in Yahuchanon/John 10:25 that the works that He does are in His Father's Name. Now look at the conclusion of that verse, He says the works that are in His Father's Name tells who He is! What's the Father's Name? YAHUAH. Who is the Savior of the world? YAHUsha (now Yahuah ha Mashiach or Yahushuah the Messiah). His Name bears witness to who the Savior is-YAHUAH is Salvation (YAHUsha). He has been given The Name that is above all names (Phil 2:9). The Name that is above all Names isYAHUAH. …" This is the "key to opening up the treasures of wisdom.

The Power is in His Name. Deliverance is in His Name. IMPORTANT: Salvation is in His Name!  There is no other Name by whom you must be saved (Acts 4:12). There are not 2 Saviors. There's only one Savior, and He will not share His esteem with any other Name.

Take a look below and see from some of the "Original and/or Earliest Texts" how many times the Name of YAHUAH is mentioned at this site:   . You will notice that the writing is a little bit different for all the words except for YAHUAH . The reason for this is because the writers of the Text spelled YAHUAH's Name the same way that YAHUAH Himself spelled His Name on the 10 Commandments (in Paleo Hebrew). Now if He spelled His Name with His own finger to establish who He is and what His Name is, what gives anyone the right to think they can change it?
Next we will expose the true names of many of the Prophets and Patriarchs of the Scripture that gives incredible evidence of who the Creator is and how important Names are to Him.
There is a 2,000 year old Original Text of Tehillum (sn- Psalms) found at Qumran, Israel That was written around 50 B.C. This is an example of the type of Scripture that the Savior read from (see here:   ).

Careful examination of the above mentioned text will show our Creator's Name, -YAHUAH, appears "7" times in this short amount of Scripture.
Now look at Acts 10:43 for one of the most obvious clues to who the Name of the Savior is and how important Names are.
We'll start by looking at the books of Scripture that were named after a

person. This is amazing!   **This is so cool!  I didn’t know this until I looked at a Hebrew Old Testament that was written in English with the true names preserved…I was amazed an so excited to see this truth!!!

IMPORTANT: The correct "title" for the Creator is "Eloah" and not the pagan title "God." Take special note of this, so that this gets corrected to the proper Title for YAHUAH. By the way, don't just take our word for it, go and study all of this on your own. You'll be completely amazed at how much has went into deceiving the world!
Names of Books of the Scripture
Joshua- Real Name is YAHUshua= “YAHUAH is Salvation”
Samuel- Real Name is ShamAHuel= “Listen to YAHUAH your Eloah”
Isaiah- Real Name is YeshaYAHU= “Salvation is YAHUAH”
Jeremiah- Real Name is YirmeYAHU= “The Resurrection/Rising is YAHUAH”
Ezekiel- Real Name is YAHchezqel= “YAHUAH is a Righteous Eloah”
Daniel- Real Name is DaniYAHel “The decision is YAHUAH's our Eloah”
Hosea- Real Name is HosheAH= “The Deliver is YAHUAH”
Joel- Real Name is YAHel= “YAHUAH is Eloah”
Amos- Real Name is AHmoce= “YAHUAH’s Burden”
Obadiah- Real Name is ObadYAHU= “The Servant of YAHUAH”
Jonah- Real Name is YonAH= “YAHUAH provides Warmth”
Micah- Real Name is MiykahYAHU= “Who is like YAHUAH”
Nahum- Real Name is NachUm= “Comfort comes from YAHUAH”
Habakkuk- Real Name is ChabaqUq= “Embrace YAHUAH”
Zephaniah- Real Name is TsphanYAHU= “The Secret is YAHUAH”
Haggai- Real Name is ChaggaYAH= “The Celebration is YAHUAH”
Zechariah- Real Name is ZacharYAHU= “YAHUAH Remembers”
Malachi- Real Name is MalakiYAH= “Messenger of YAHUAH”
Job- Real Name is YAHshub= “YAHUAH Will Return”
Ezra- Real Name is EzrAH= “Our Help is YAHUAH”
Nehemiah- Real Name is NechemYAH= “Consoled by YAHUAH”
Matthew- Real Name is MatithYAHU= “The gift is YAHUAH”
Mark- Real Name is MarkU= “Man of YAHUAH”
Luke- Real Name is LukAH= “The Light is YAHUAH”
John- Real Name is YAHUchanon= “YAHUAH is Grace”
Timothy- Timotheos= “Dear to ELOAH”
Titus- Titos
Philemon- “Friendly”
James- Real Name is YAHcob= “YAHUAH rises up”
Peter- Real Name is KephAH= “The Rock is YAHUAH”
Jude- Real Name is YAHUdAH= “YAHUAH’s Worshipers and Followers”
This is amazing to find out! Nearly every one of their names has a part of YAHUAH's name in it. And everyone of their names "testifies" and tells something about who YAHUAH is to us that believe in and call on His Name.

Now let's continue on by looking at the first Chapter of MatithYAHU (sn- Matthew). It gives the geneology from AbrAHam to the Savior YAHUsha the Mashiach (MessiYAH):
1ST Chapter of MatithYAHU (The Gift is YAHUAH) verses 2-16:
Abram- AbrAHam- “The Father YAHUAH of a Multitude”
Isaac- YAHsaac- “YAHUAH Laughs”
Jacob- YAHcob- “YAHUAH Succeeds”
Judah- YAHUdah- YAHUAH’s Worshipers and Followers
Perez- means “A Break”
Zerah- ZerAHk- “The Rising of Light is YAHUAH”
Hezron- Chetsron
Ram- RaAHm “YAHUAH Is the Highest”
Amminadab- AmiynAHdaab- “People of YAHUAH are at Liberty”
Nashon- NAHchshon- “YAHUAH’s Enchanter”
Salmon- SalmAH- “Clothing Provided by YAHUAH”
Boaz- Bo’az
Rahab- RAHchaab- “YAHUAH is Proud”
Obed- Owbed- Serving
Ruth- RUth- “YAHUAH’s Friend”
Jesse- YeshAHy “The Existence of YAHUAH Continues”
David- Da'ud- “Love YAHUAH”
Solomon- ShalomAH “The Peace of YAHUAH”
Uriah- UwriYAHU- “The Flame of YAHUAH”
Rehoboam- RachAHbam “The people of YAHUAH has Enlarged”
Abijah- AbiYAHU “Fathered by YAHUAH”
Asa- AHca “YAHUAH Heals”
Jehoshaphat- YAHUshaphat- “YAHUAH is the Judge”
Joram- YAHUram “YAHUAH Raised”
Uzziah- UzziYAHU- “Strength of YAHUAH”
Jotham- YAHtaam- “YAHUAH is Perfect”
Ahaz- “AHchaaz- YAHUAH is the Possesor”
Hezekiah- YAHchizqiYAHU- “Strengthened of YAHUAH”
Mannasseh- ManAHshah- “YAHUAH Made Me Forget”
Amon- AHmon “YAHUAH Trains”
Josiah- YoshiYAHU- “Founded of YAHUAH”
Jeconiah- YakonYAHU- “YAHUAH Will Establish”
Shealtiel- ShaltiYAHel- “I have asked YAHUAH Eloah”
Zerubbabel- Zarubaabel
Abiud- AbiyhUd “Renowned is YAHUAH”
Eliakim- ElYAHqiym “Eloah YAHUAH is Raising”
Azor- AzzUr “Helpful is YAHUAH”
Zadok- TsAHdoq “YAHUAH is Right”
Achim- YAHqiym “YAHUAH Rises”
Eliud- EliUd “God YAHUAH of Majesty”
Eleazar- ElAHzaar “Eloah YAHUAH is Our Helper”
Matthan- Mattan “A present”
Jacob- YAHqob- “YAHUAH Succeeds”
Joseph- YAHceph “YAHUAH Increases”
YAHUsha “YAHUAH is Salvation”
-End of Names from MattithYahu 1:2-16 (I think we are starting to get the point of who the Creator and the Savior is- YAHUAH).
                     All the names above are just from the 1st Chapter of MatithYAHU!

Now to drive home the point, let's look at a list of other names in Scripture that reveal who the one and only Eloah and Savior is:
More Names
Adam- Real Name is AHdam= “YAHUAH’s Mankind”
Eve- ChavAH= “The Life-Giver is YAHUAH
Joseph- YAHceph= “YAHUAH Increases”
Samuel- ShamAHuel= “Listen to YAHUAH your Eloah”
Job- YAHshub= “YAHUAH Will Return”
Moses- MoshAH= “The Rescuer is YAHUAH”
Aaron- AHaron= “YAHUAH is Exalted”
Elkanah- ElqanAH= “YAHUAH Eloah has Obtained”
Jeroham- YAHrocham= “YAHUAH is Compassionate”
Hannah- ChanAH= “Favor of YAHUAH”
Amoz- AHmots= “YAHUAH is Strong”
Jotham- YAHtaam= “YAHUAH is Perfect”
Ahaz- AHchaaz= “YAHUAH is the Possesor”
Hezekiah- YAHchizqiYAHU= “Strengthened of YAHUAH”
Joab- YAHab= “YAHUAH Fathered”
Jehoshaphat- YAHUshaphat= “YAHUAH is the Judge”
Abiathar- EbYAHtaar= The Father YAHUAH of Abundance”
Seraiah- SeraYAH= “The Prevailer is YAHUAH”
Benaiah- BenaYAHU- “The Builder is YAHUAH”
Saul- ShaUl= “Ask YAHUAH”
Jonathan- YAHUnataan= “YAHUAH Gives”
Hilkiah- ChilqiYAHU= “Portion of YAHUAH”
Benjamin- BinYAHmiyn= “Son of YAHUAH’S Right Hand” (prophesies the Savior)
Jehoiakim- YAHUyaqiym= “YAHUAH will Raise”
Zedekiah- TsidqiYAHU= “The Right of YAHUAH”
Gedaliah- GedalYAHU= “Great is YAHUAH”
Hizkiah- YechizqiYAHU= “Stengthened of YAHUAH”
Amariah- AmarYAHU= “Promise of YAHUAH”
Josiah- YoshiYAHU= “Founded of YAHUAH”
Josedech- YAHUtsadaq= “YAHUAH Righted”
Berechiah- BerekYAHU= “The Blessing of YAHUAH”
Asahiah- AsaYAH= “The Maker is YAHUAH”
Shallum- ShallUm= “The Reward is YAHUAH”
Shebaniah- ShebanYAHU= “The Prosperer is YAHUAH”
Benaiah- BenaYAHU= The Builder is YAHUAH”
Jesiah- YishshiYAHU= “The Lender is YAHUAH”
Zebadiah- ZebadYAHU= “ The Giver is YAHUAH”
Joelah- YoelAH= “The Ascender is YAHUAH”
Obadiah- ObadYAHU= “Serve YAHUAH”
Pelatiah- PelatYAHU= “The Deliverer is YAHUAH”
Hananiah- ChananYAHU= “Favor from YAHUAH”
Rephaiah- RephaYAHU= “The Cure is YAHUAH”
Shechaniah- ShekanYAHU= “The Dweller is YAHUAH”
Shemaiah- ShemaYAHU= “The Listener is YAHUAH”
Neariah- Ne’arYAHU= “Servant of YAHUAH”
Elioenai- ElYAHehnay= “Towards Eloah YAHUAH are my eyes”
Hodaiah- HowdavYAHU= “Majesty of YAHUAH”
Eliashib- ElYAHshiyb= “Eloah YAHUAH will Restore”
Pelaiah- PelaYAHU= “The Distinguisher is YAHUAH”
Dalaiah- DelaYAHU= “Lifted by YAHUAH”
Reaiah- Re’aYAHU= “Seen by YAHUAH”
Kolaiah- QowlaYAHU= “Voice of YAHUAH”
Maaseiah- Ma’aseYAHU= “The Work of YAHUAH”
Noah- NoAHch= “The Rest is YAHUAH”
Shephatiah= ShephatYAHU- “The Vindicator is YAHUAH”
Ahaziah= AchazYAHU- “Seized by YAHUAH”
Amaziah= AmatsYAHU- “Strength of YAHUAH”
Azariah= AzarYAHU- “The Helper is YAHUAH”
Jecamiah= YaqamYAHU- “The Riser is YAHUAH”
Nedabiah= NadabYAHU- “Free Offer of YAHUAH”
Pedaiah= PedaYAHU- “Redeemed by YAHUAH”
As we can clearly see the names of these many people give us incredible insight as to who our Creator and Savior is. The Savior, YAHUsha, clearly said in YAHUchanon (sn- John) 5:43 that "I have come in My Father's name, and you do not receive me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive."

This is exactly what's happened. Most people are calling the Savior "Jesus," and "Jesus" sounds nothing like YAHUsha. It's a sad fact, but the entire world has been deceived as prophesied in Rev 12:9. Now our Creator, YAHUAH is calling men and women everywhere to repent (see Acts 17:30). There is only One Name given among men by whom we must be saved (see Acts 4:12), and that name is YAHUAH ha Mashiach(MessiYAH). Now that the Savior has risen He has been given the Name that is above all Names- That's why He is now YAHUAH  ha Maschiach (MessiYAH)!

** Note:  This is not to say that if you did not know this, that your salvation is lost!!!  It simply means that once we receive the truth we must not deny it…Man does not live by bread alone but by Every word out of the mouth of Yahuah.  Abba simply requires us to believe what He says and follow His instructions.  His word is being restored in these last days and His word is to His house, Israel and all who will sojourn or dwell with them… Exo 12:49  One Torah shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.

2,400 Languages pronounce this word virtually the same! Linguists will tell you that having this many languages pronounce one word the same is the equivalent of "raising someone from the dead!" Our Creator left us "Undisputable Evidence" of what His Name is. Most have always been taught that Ahlleluyah (sn- Hallelujah) meant "Praise the LORD," but this is a lie straight from Satan. The first part of the word "Ahllelu" means "Praise Be Unto." The second part is easy-- "Yah." Praise Be Unto who? The Word says "Praise Be Unto Yah!" YAH of course is short for YAHUAH. But as we learned from above, twisted men have corrupted YAHUAH'S Name by covering it with the word LORD. This is an outright shame, but our Creator left us with enough clues to dig through the deception. 

I hope this is informative and enlightening.  Please look into any of this information for yourself to see if it is accurate.

Thank you for reading here, I pray truth is found here.



Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your thoughtful comment (which won't be posted, don't worry!). You may post this comment here or not, as you wish.
In our family, we usually refer to the Creator as "Hashem," but I use "God" most often outside our family, because I have no idealogical problem with the name and it's easily understood in English conversation. I realize it's not His TRUE name - that's why I don't usually hyphenate the "o" out of the middle unless I think it will upset others.
In fact, as you have guessed, He has many Hebrew names: Judaism recognizes seven MAJOR names (I believe) and hundreds of "minor" ones (what an idea!).
The major names include YA, EL, Elohim, Shaddai, Tzevaot (Hosts), and, of course, the 4-letter name which is never pronounced. As I mentioned, because the tradition of this pronunciation has been lost (and we ourselves lack the authority and hopefully the audacity to pretend we KNOW how to pronounce it), Jews usually translate it is Lord or just as "HaShem."
We sing or say a hymn several times a day called "Adon Olam" which recognizes Him as Lord of the World - and actually, Adon really does mean "Lord." It's how you say "Mister," like in "Mr. Smith", in modern Hebrew.
There are masculine and feminine names for God throughout the Tanach, encompassing all of His divine attributes. You may have heard the term "shechinah" - this refers to the feminine presence. He's also referred to as "haRachaman" - the righteous one, but the root of the word "righteous" is "rechem" - meaning "womb." We were all born from "His" womb; one name is far from enough to encapsulate this concept within our VERY limited brains!
One important Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur prayer is called "Avinu Malkeinu" - He is our father, "av", and also our king, "melech". He is at once CLOSE and DISTANT - or, as Christian theologians say, immanent and transcendent. For most Christians, the immanent, or "near" God, takes the form of the "son" part of the trinity, while the "far" God is represented by the (sometimes harshly-depicted) "Old Testament" father God.
For Jews, however, God simply remains One, as He has always been, "karov... l'chol asher yikra-u-hu v'emet," close to all those who call upon him in Truth.
Peace & blessings.

Traci said...

Hi Jennifer! I am so glad that you came back and posted!! I agree and love the description of Abba as "masculine/feminine" and "close/distant," but most of all, "one!" I so welcome your comments. Thank you for being willing to share...This is a lovely explanation!!

Blessings to you also, thank you again for sharing with me...I am blessed you came here!

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