Thursday, January 27, 2011


Remembering grandma Betty

Precious in the sight of YHVH is the death of His saints.

Teach us to number our days, and let us bring our heart to wisdom.
Ps. 90:12

I had planned to have a meal last Sunday to remember the anniversary of Grandma’s death but we had a new addition to our family just a few days before (Thank you Abba!) and things were a little hectic so I decided it best to set it aside for the time being.  I still wanted to do something to honor her memory but wasn’t quite sure what, so, this is what I came up with…A blog post.

I want to say that I haven’t forgotten my Grandmother and I still miss her.  Of the many, many blessings Abba has given me, she was one of the biggest and the best.  I know it’s easy to look back and think good things about people who are no longer with us but quite surely she helped mold my life by her prayers over me and her unending love.  My Grandma was a major part of my world. 

It is interesting to consider how Abba does the things He does.  What I mean is, during the last few years of my Grandma’s life she was confined to her bed and near the end she couldn’t even feed herself her own meals.  She needed help with everything.  She had all her wits about her though.  That was one thing she told us she always asked Abba for…she just wanted to be able to think clearly, and He gave her that gift.  But the wildest thing is even though she needed so much, somehow near the end, I realized that it was she that was blessing me and not so much me who was blessing her.  When I look back on that it amazes me that Abba is able to give something back to you just because you made a little effort to do good for Him and His people.

Her life and death made me recognize some things in me that Abba needed (and is still working on) to change.  Fear was and sometimes still is a BIG one for me.  Abba let me see how fear hinders the path that He has laid before us.  Fear is a lack of Faith in His word and His plan for us and I had to ask Him to forgive me for that.  Then I was able to understand the true rest that He speaks of.  Rest in trusting all that He says is true and not just true for a time but TRUE FOR ALL TIME…scripture says:
He hath remembered his covenant forever, the word which he commanded to a thousand generations.
Ps. 105:12

If a generation is even just 40 years, a thousand generations can be no less than 40,000 years…so, His word is pretty much forever in earthly terms!

So, just as in life, my Grandma blessed me, her death also brought blessing of understanding my Heavenly Father and the awesomeness and depth of the kind of relationship Abba offers us as we learn to walk with Him in His Way.

Grandma truly did live the life of Jobe, especially in her last few years.  She was an inspiration as she lived in her faith to Abba’s word.  She chose to trust Him no matter how her body failed her, when many others may have given up because a healing didn’t come.

When things are going rough and when I am afraid, I remember her and how she held on to her trust in Abba and it helps me to try and do the same.  Thank you Abba for that example in my life.  Thank you for sending someone for me who would love me so wholeheartedly as Grandma did. 
So, I remember (celebrate) her life and her death as she has moved from this life and stepped into her eternal home with the ONE who created all things…
I miss you, love you, and will always give thanks for you

I leave you with one of her favorite scriptures from the book of Jobe:
After this body is destroyed, yet in my flesh shall I see Elohiem.
Job 19:26

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Andrea Kemble said...

Tracy your rememberance of your Grandma is so touching. I wish I could have met her, it sounds like she was such a blessing to your life. Abba is so good to us and knows exactly who we need to help us through times in our lives. I pray that Abba will comfort you in times that you feel afraid and that His Shalom will rest upon you. Love you - Andrea

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