Friday, January 7, 2011

Megan near delivery

Ok, the main pic to the blog has been updated with our winter picture of the "B", and her boys...Uncle Tanner and Uncle Bubub (Caleb) as of Jan. 06, 2011. 2011, who can believe it?! Time is moving so fast! is Megan. 40 weeks prego!! Haha! Any minute...we (I) can have a baby!!! I only say "I" because it's mine in a way that you won't understand until your own daughter or daughter in law has a baby for you.

I have a pic of Megan pregnant with "Baby girl B" and now we have a picture of Megan pregnant with "Gracie Elizabeth". As far as we know this baby will be a girl, based on previous ultrasound pics. Corey and Megan have chosen the name "Gracie Elizabeth" to honor Megan's grandma, Grace, and Corey and my grandma, Elizabeth. Isn't that the most blessed thing...really?!!! I love it.

Megan you look beautiful and you are such a good Mama. I couldn't ask for a better Mom for my Grand babies. I pray that your baby is born in the perfect time it is supposed to be born to you and Corey and I pray that this baby will be a blessing to your home, full of goodness and wisdom and a child who will honor his (or her) parents.

Thank you Abba for remembering me by blessing me to see my children's children. I cannot ask for anything more.

Corey you are blessed by Abba and I am Blessed by Abba in you and your house. I love you...More than you can know.

Love you guys,


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