Saturday, November 5, 2011

Words to "The Assembly"

Here are a couple of my favorite verses.  

They're my favorite because they remind me that YHWH is in control. 
 They remind me that ALL things work for our good, even when we are unable to see it.  
They remind me that I am on a path and sometimes the path is moving upward, sometimes it seems to be going nowhere and sometimes the path appears to be moving away from where I thought it should go but YHWH knows my way that I go and He will get me to my destination. 
They remind me that YHWH doesn't want me to look back but to keep looking forward and  pressing toward the goal.  The goal is complete trust in Him and obedience.

Ecc. 7:14
Be Glad in the day of prosperity but when evil comes, take note that Elohim has appointed one as well as the other, so that man should not uncover what shall be after him.
  *I can rest assured that YHWH is aware of the path that I am on and He is with me where ever I am and He has a plan and a path for me.  This, as all things are, is a season also.  It will pass.

Ecc. 7:10
Do not say why were the former days better than these?  It is not wise of you to have inquired of this.  
*Don't look backward desiring to return to what was.  Your path is ahead of you, not behind you.  YHWH will direct you.  Seek Him where He is.  He is right here, right now. 
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