Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pics from Colorado Vacation 2010

Ok, this little computer has a mind of it's own but here are a few pics that I like...In this pic of Craig and I, there is a jeep behind us...check out the guy in the jeep if you can see him, he's sticking out his tongue...he ruined my pic!! But I lol when I saw it!! The one with us all below the big tree like thing is us standing by the zip line at the YMCA at Estes Park.   Craig and the boys are on the deck at the Y where we stayed...it was beautiful there, what scenery!  Then, we have (don't be offended here:)  the "butt tree."  We called it that because of it's natural protrusion...we   thought it looked much like Craig's "natural protursion" which is quite pronounced, hehe.

We see Craig and the boys on their 2 hr. trail ride through the mountain.  It was so beautiful up there, it almost brought tears to my eyes, no kidding.  I didn't go with 'em because I'm a "keep your feet on the ground" kinda girl.   Then you see the Tanner and Caleb by one of the incredible streams up on the mountain (we made the pose for these pics:)  Then it's me at the "Y" where we were staying with beauty behind me.  Then, a little more scenery...lovely, lovely, lovely!!  In the next couple of pics, Craig and the boys are standing in front of a bank next to a fairly busy street and a whole herb of Elk come through and are eating.  So many people came right up to them and were taking pictures.  You know these animals are so used to humans trying to snap their mugs!  And last, the boys and I up on a ridiculously high overlook.  It was really almost frightening it was so high up.  You got short of breath really easy because of the altitude but the view was unbelievable.  There were little sqinnies walking on the rock wall there begging for treats from the visitors (even though there were signs everywhere telling you not to feed them, hard to do cause they are sooooo cute:)

Estes Park is one place that everyone should see at least once or more if you can.  It truly is an incredible example of Abba's handiwork.  I want to take the whole family sometime...wouldn't that be awesome!

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Spice Tree Music said...

I love este's! been there three times now! Gabe and I went on our honey moon!! It was wonderful! LOve the "butt tree pose" Wow Craig..... Wonderful to know there is a tree that shares his bum! lol.

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