Saturday, January 8, 2011

Are Paul's Words a Test of Our Faith?

Often times Paul's words sound contradictory to Torah...could this be a test of our faith in the eternal word of our Heavenly Father? Here is my point, remember how the Jews believed Torah and they believed that it was true, forever, but when It came to believing that Yahushuah was the son of "The Great I Am" they could not receive it. Are we making the same mistake they did only in the opposing direction? Remember, the scripture says they were only BLINDED IN PART. If only in part then they must of still retained some truth...that truth would have been Torah, they did not turn their backs on Abba's word.

We have well pleased our Heavenly Father in that we have been able to "see" the truth that Yahushuah is the Word of Yah placed in a body and sent to earth to do the works of Torah that we could not do. But just like the mistake the Jews made, we too are blinded in part...not the "part" of the word about Yahushuah but the "part" of the word that was written...the TORAH or instructions of Abba. Remember, Yahushuah said, "I come not to destroy the Torah but to make it whole...NOT ONE JOT OR TITL SHALL PASS FROM TORAH UNTIL ALL THINGS ARE FULFILLED."

Going back to Paul and his sayings, in Acts 28:17-31 Paul has been taken prisoner but listen to his statements: Men and bretheren, though I have committed nothing against this people or the customs of our faith, yet was I delivered prisoner.
Paul had not transgressed Torah. In Act 13:14-52 Paul is teaching "the stock of Abraham" that to them the word of salvation was sent (speaking of Yahushuah) and how they new Him not nor the voices of the prophets which are read every Sabbath (they were blinded in part). He then goes on to say that after the Jews had left there that day the Gentiles who were present IN THE CONGREGATION were asking for them to teach them further in this matter AT THE NEXT SABBATH MEETING. Paul told the Jews in Acts 13:46 was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to them BUT seeing that they were putting it from them that they were now judging themselves (by Torah) unworthy of everlasting life. Why...because of their lack of faith in Abba's word as it appears before man in whatever form Abba has sent it.

Now he says to the gentiles (speaking of Yahushuah) I have set thee as a light of the gentiles that you should be for salvation unto the ends of the earth.

To be cont.

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