Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Pics

I'm just collecting a few of my favorite pics on one's just a few now but I'll be adding more here so you'll be able to click on the "A Few of My Favorite Pics button" to check now and then to see what has been added.  It's just getting too late and I need to get some sleep...night:)

Hi Family, I love you!!

Passover 2010.  Clockwise:  Tanner, Caleb, Megan, Corey, Me holding B. Faith, Craig behind the camera.  This was my best Passover so far because my whole family was here.  I had the best time!!!
My kitties and spring flowers 2010.  Such a beautiful spring morning, warm and sunny with lovely flowers in sweet kitties.
EZ and B.Faith.  Both of them are just babies.   EZ is a Charpai, all full of wrinkles, tiny eyes and a really big nose.  He is the craziest dog ever!  He just has some very odd traits but he is a very good boy...if you don't count the fact he tried to eat my door knob!   You two are so pretty!
B.Faith in G-ma's Zebra hat:)
It's hard to get everyone to look at the same time but I love the pics of the kids in the gifts:)  Tanner and Caleb and Miss B (she's being stubborn).
Any guesses??  That's Caleb.  I have no idea what he was thinkin' about here...but I laughed:)  Don't worry, we got the bag off his head before he ran out of air!
Corey with newborn baby Gracie.  Finally she made it here.  She made us all wait for 10 days past her due date..but she's worth it!  Congratulations Daddy and Mama:)  Jan. 19, 2011.

This is one of my all time fave's of the boys with their dad and their beards...they look a lot like their dad don't ya think?

These crazy distorted pics were taken by Tanner while he and Caleb were playing around with his lap top's camera and visual effects.  They took a bunch of photos and they were a hoot!  Others can be found on the  blog under "just pics" if you'd like to see more:)

More camera antics...Caleb looks like Paul Mccartney here I a weird way!

Keep checking back, I'll be adding more as I come across them!

I love this pic of Miss B and her big, bright blue eyes, hers is sooooooo pretty:)  (She always says, "it's hims or hers coat." cute baby girl.)

Another Fave of Miss B with G-ma's pretties on.  Such a princess.

Here's one of me!  Out on the deck.  This is before I let my hair grow out and it still had a little bit of "tame" to it...memories...

Are these the faces of innocence or what?  Precious little boys.  I'd say Caleb is about 3 or 4 here so that makes Tanner just about 7 or 8.  They are good buddies.

I hope Megan doesn't get me for putting this one in but it's a pic of them at the hospital the Sabbath morning  Miss B was born and there's Daddy holding her and Megan recovering from a long, long night of labor and pushing but still both were proud and it was amazing.  Megan allowed her mom and I and her friend to also be in the room with them while B was being born.  It was so incredible to hear that babies cries when she came into this world.  I was so unbelievably blessed at that moment.  It was as amazing as when I gave birth to my own boys.  Thanks for sharing it with me guys, it was the best gift ever:)

This is one of my opening blog page pictures...All my favorite peeps!

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Spice Tree Music said...

Oh Traci, what a beautiful family you have! Yahweh has blessed you abundantly! Love you Traci and so excited about your new addition! Yahweh Bless you!

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