Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Name of Salvation

At the burning bush, the Almighty said, “I AM that which I AM, YHWH is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.”

Do you personally know YHWH? Do you call Him by His true Name?
YHWH is found hidden behind the capitalized terms “LORD” or “GOD” in most English Bibles. However, YHWH's name was not intended to be hidden by translators. YHWH Himself gave us His name as a sign of His existence and as a means of personal relationship. This is similar to how you introduce yourself on a first name basis when you want to get to know someone. YHWH gave us His personal name so we could approach Him with intimacy. The Name YHWH is spelled from right to left, using four Hebrew letters – yod, hey, vav, hey. Put together, these letters can be pronounced “Yah – way.” These four letters reveal much about the Creator and His plan for man.

The Hebrew language resembles hieroglyphics more than it does English, in the sense that each Hebrew letter is full of meaning and symbolism. In English an “a” is an “a” and nothing more. Yet in Hebrew each letter is associated with a certain word picture based upon ancient
scripts. Hidden secrets within Hebrew words can be found by comparing how Hebrew letters relate to each other. It is no surpise then that the name of the Almighty is highly symbolic. The plan for man to experience a meaningful life is found in the name of YHWH.
The first letter used in YHWH's name is the “yod.” The yod resembles a comma suspended in the air. The actual Hebrew word “yod” means “arm or hand.” The “arm” or “hand” of YHWH is often spoken of in the Bible as being a source of strength and deliverance. It was the arm of
YHWH that conquered Pharoah when the Hebrews left the bondage of Egypt. “You scattered Your enemies with your mighty arm,” Psalm 89:10. The ‘yod’ is also symbolic of YHWH’s essence. hwhy is love. hwhy loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. The hand of hwhy is upon you to lead you towards blessing, healing, prosperity, and peace.
The next letter of the Sacred Name is the “hey.” This letter is found twice in YHWH's name and means to “behold.” In ancient Hebrew, the “hey” was a picture of a man with his hands raised. This word picture resembled someone waving to get attention. To “behold” is to really pay attention, like an artist that beholds every crack and crevice of his masterpiece statue. We need to see - to hey – that selfish desires separate mankind from YHWH. After Adam sinned in the garden, He “saw that he was naked.” Years have passed, but not much has changed.
Because of sin we are still naked before YHWH and without protection. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of YHWH,” Romans 6:23.
The “vav” in YHWH's name resembles a hook and actually means “nail.” In Israel today, a nail is called a “vav.”
The Psalmist prophesied of the Savior when he wrote that the Messiah’s hands (yod) would be pierced by a nail (vav). Psalm 22:16, “The assembly of the wicked have enclosed me. They have pierced my hands and my feet.” The letter “vav” symbolizes how YHWH has provided
salvation through His son. The Messiah died to pay the price for sin. “The wages of sin is death but the gift of YHWH is eternal life,” Romans3:23.

Together, the letters of YHWH's name unlock the mystery of salvation. The word picture found in the name of YHWH reveals the only path to life eternal. Yod y– the hands, Hey h– behold, Vav w – the nail, Hey h– behold !
By examining the name of YHWH we see the message to “Behold the nail scarred hands. Behold!” Notice the hey – the command to “behold” -
appears twice. Many have heard the gospel message. Millions know how the Saviour was crucified, placed in a borrowed tomb, and then resurrected 3 days later. It is not this knowledge alone that changes a life. You need to “behold” the Savior and pay attention to His words. It is a was a message to remind the people of "old" and of recent to behold the lamb of YHWH which is also the WORD of YHWH...all to BEHOLD Him as He is and then walk after Him. “Whoever calls upon the name of YHWH will be saved,” Romans 10:13. A life of peace and blessing awaits you as you follow hard after YHWH.

Most of this content is barrowed from Emet Ministries.

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