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Activated Charcoal And It's Uses At Home

Most people know that if you get food poisoning or ingest something that is toxic that if you go to the hospital, often times, they will administer activated charcoal. Why? Because it is safe, cheap and most of all, IT WORKS!!

What does it do? It works as an absorbent for toxins in the digestive system, relieves gas, fungi, viruses, bacteria and as I mentioned, food poisoning. Research is showing it may also aid in lowering cholesterol levels. It is good to take at the first hint of stomach flu as it may stop it before it gets started. You don't want to take more than instructed at any given time as it may cause constipation so you have to take it with lots of water and remember...while pulling out the bad stuff it is also pulling out good stuff too. But you're only taking it when needed so it is not a problem unless abused (as is anything that is good.)

What else is it good for you might ask...Here's a few things it can be used for:
-Drug overdose
-reaction to drugs
-counteract poisons
-bites and stings
-filtering water
-poulticing wounds
-cleaning and whitening teeth
-breast infections

Charcoal is used as a filtering agent for water because it pulls out toxins. It can be made into a paste to clean your teeth and because of it's drawing abilities cleans gum areas well. It is also used as a poultice for infected wounds and boils to draw out infections.

How to use Charcoal:
-Charcoal slurry: 1 TBSP Activated Charcoal in a glass of water. Repeat in 30 min. Follow each glass of slurry with a clear glass of water to avoid constipation.
-Charcoal water: 1/4 c Activated Charcoal powder in 2 qt. jar. Slowly fill jar with water, cap jar and shake well. Let sit to settle for about 1/2 hr. Now you have charcoal water. If you feel you are "coming down with something," you can sip on it throughout the day. (Flu or cold or whatever you think is going on.) The water will be gray but isn't unpleasant to drink and it purifies the water too!
-Poultices: To draw out infections use Activated Charcoal alone or with ground flax seed and moisten with caster oil or olive oil. You can warm it to make it more effective then smear it on clean cloth or gauze and place on affected area and cover with plastic wrap. Or you can just place the Charcoal inside of a cloth or gauze and wrap it like a burrito so it doesn't spill out and wet the cloth and place over area (Just depends on what you have on hand and the situation).

Note: -Remember, it may cause constipation if you don't drink enough water.
-Don't eat dairy products when taking it. Milk product decrease it's ability to work.
- It will take out prescription meds while taking out other things!!! Take it 1 1/2- 2 hrs. from taking other meds.

Where can you get some? Go to the bulk Herb store online at:

The following You Tube post will show you some charcoal tips...

****Just in case a stranger stumbles in here who doesn't know me and reads this (and maybe just doesn't have any good common sense)...This blog does not intend to give any medical advice. This is just common sense information that any Tom, Dick or Harry can apply to every day living situations. These things have been practiced for years in the homes of families who cared for their own wellbeing. You are responsible for whatever info. you find here and choose to use and for how you use it. The writer of this blog is not liable for any problems arising from the use of this info.

Gooood day!

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