Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Birds falling from the sky

Just so you can have a bit of perspective about the size of the area this covers here's a map of the affected areas: Here's a link if this is hard to read:

During 1-Jan-2011, thousands of birds (mostly blackbirds) mysteriously fell from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas.

Theories abound as to what may have caused the death of these birds, ranging from secret government Scalar weapons testing, to New Years fireworks, to Lightning. It is being said that the birds and fish which have been killed are purely coincidental...Really??? Is that possible?? No way!! And lightening or fireworks?? How stupid do we look?? What's next?

In the town of Falkoping, Sweden, dead birds have fallen from the sky, perhaps hundreds. One resident said that as he drove home late on Tuesday night the street in front of him was dotted with “hundreds of dead birds”. Mysterious Bird Deaths Hit Sweden

Now there appears to be 100 tons of dead fish washing up on shores of Paranagua, Brazil!

Hundreds of thousands of small fish turn up dead in Chesapeake Bay. Some reports are blaming the giant fish kill on cold temperatures. Giant Fish Kill in Chesapeake Bay.

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