Friday, March 25, 2011


This week at our house...

The weather was nice so "B"  has  to get outside and she does love her kitties!  This kitty is Sam and he's a friendly little feller who lets B carry him around like a baby.  (I don't think he really loves it but he puts up with it for a little while:)

Papa gets home from work (still in his "worked hard today" t-shirt) in time to spend a few minutes with the Gracie.

Uncle Tanner is hanging out with B and Gracie on the couch so I asked Caleb to jump in so I could take a quick pic (they don't like me take their pics for the blog too much...they say I take pictures of everything!!!).

These are the new set of wipe-off alphabet cards for B.  They help to learn letter recognition, learning to write the letters and other activities on the backs of each card.  B gets to use dry-erase markers which she likes very much!!
Marker in hand!

Ah, Ah, alligator with your mouth so wide, open up and put an "A" inside!  Can you find the "A"?

Braelynne wanted to read to Gracie.

Matching the blocks to the shapes on the smart!

This is B's personal pizza made from Tortillas, pizza sauce, motz cheese and 4 little turkey pepperonis.  I like these a lot better than regular pizza because there is a lot less dough than a regular pizza and she thinks they are just F.I.N.E.

Gracie catchin' some's not easy being a baby ya know!

Corey sharing a smile with his new little princess:)  It is such a blessing to have my children around me.  I cannot ask for more.

This is one of B's new books.  She is able to pick her "A" out of a line up.  That is awesome.  She asks to do "her school"...I love that she thinks it's should be fun.

Miss B helping Gramma make Parmesan chicken breading. She's helping me mix the herbs and cheeses.  She's a gal who loves the kitchen.  She says, "My mom says I'm a good cook."  That she is:)

This is CPR class.  It is our first class and we had fun with it.  We have adult CPR, child and infant.  Then we move onto Heimlich, and first aide.  We had fun and learned at the same time!
Tanner is the "victim" and Caleb is the "rescuer" and yes, that victim DOES have a smile on his face!  Haha.

Aaah, look at that little face:)  Gracie likes her Uncle Caleb, he makes her smile.

Child CPR.  Hahah, look at that face!  She kept laughing and squirming when we tried to check her pulse because it tickled.  We learned where to place the hand for CPR compressions.

 Doing her "ABC" puzzle.  She doesn't know where they go yet but she's learning!!
This is B's "Kosher" fish.  In this week's Torah portion, we talked about what Abba says we can eat and what we cannot eat...what is food and what really isn't food.  So B made a fish with fins and scales...Kosher!
This was part of our Heimlich you can see, it's hard to get everyone to take it seriously...but we're gonna keep on practicing so everyone knows what to do!

Friday...It's on to cleaning, cooking and a nice little hair trim for me:)

Happy Day of Preparation!


The Wilson's said...

Traci I love you so much for taking care of the girls!! i love the pics...i laughed so hard at the toddler CPR..hahaha, I would assume Grace is the practice for the infant one as well? haha. cracks me up. She was talking about building a lamb with uncle it makes sense now that you were talking about Kosher food. haha. Little "G" has the best smile. Such a happy baby!! B is the smartest kid i know..but I might be bias. Thank you for teaching them:) I ask B "how did you get so smart?" she says "my gma!" lol

The Wilson's said...

Oh and the pic with the cat is adorable!! She said to me the other day "I don't want dogs anymore, I want kitties!!" I told her to go back and tell her gma to stop trying to pawn her kitties off on mommy:) hahah. I'm sure the cats will learn to run when they see her coming in the spring/summer. :)

Traci said...

Haha, yep, Gracie will be our infant CPR "volunteer"! It works out perfectly doesn't it? We've been having fun together:)

And yes Megan, she has said now at least 3 times that I can have her dogs and she is taking the kitties home...who am I to discourage a little girls dreams??? Ya, they will be running when they see the "here kitty, kitty" girl, haha:)

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