Sunday, March 6, 2011

HaShem...The Name used here

HaShem means:  The (Ha) Name (Shem)

I think I may have gotten my first questionable comment on my "Yahweh is His name" post from someone who I do not know.  So, in light of that I want to clarify the post, if possible.  I know this topic (The topic of pronunciation of "The Name" of our creator) continues to be one of much controversy.  So everything posted here is my understanding only, however, my goal is to share why I understand things the way I do...not to force anyone to believe the way I do.  You will ultimately come to your own understanding as well.  That is why I started this blog, to share my thoughts

Why did I post it at all?
 I chose the picture with the caption "Yahweh is His Name" as a thumbnail for my post because that is a  familiar pronunciation to the Hebrew spelling of our creator's name.  (The Hebrew letters used to show the Creator's name are: Yod-Hey-Wah-Hey and they are often prounounced "Yah-way" by many believers NOT ALL) to take the opportunity to explain that what they would be seeing in my blog would not be the usual "God or LORD" they are accustomed to.   
 Occasionally, you will see me use Yahuah (pronounced Yah-OO-ah) or Yah on my pages and often, I just use Abba (Father).   I wrote the post out of a desire to introduce that Abba does have a name and it's not LORD or God because this is something that many people just don't know or haven't heard, all be it the exact pronunciation of the  name is not  certain, Yah is certain and there is much evidence that the rest of the name can be deduced from Hebrew writings (you'll see that info below).

My thoughts...
I believe that NO ONE knows the true pronunciation of Abba's name at this time but more and more info is being revealed to bring us to a clearer understanding.  We do know for sure the actual Hebrew letters used in "The Name" they are the Yod-Hey-Wah-Hey...the question is how are they prounounced???  In Abba's time, the whole world will know His name and there will be no mistake.  Since we don't have a complete understanding and we are desirous to be pleasing to Him, we walk in the understanding as it is given to us for today.  In this blog, I write what Abba has let ME see.  I do not write to offend.  I do not write to condemn.    I am in the search of truth and I hope that I am teachable.

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