Monday, March 21, 2011

Relief for a Sore Throat

A febrile virus seems to have been making it's way around these parts lately.  It is accompanied by a wet cough and sore throat.  Here is a helpful "sore throat tonic" recipe you may find useful and easily made with ingredients on  hand.

Sore Throat Tonic

1 c raw honey
2 1/2 c raw apple cidar vinegar (Bragg's)
2 tbsp fresh garlic crushed
2 tbsp fresh organic ginger
1 tsp organic cayenne pepper (I use 140,000 HU)
top off with filtered water

Place all ingredients in 1 qt. glass canning jar.
Shake gently.
Leave all ingredients in mix (don't strain)
Stir and sip 1 oz. of this throughout the day for cold and sore throat symptoms.
If you are not ill, you can still take one tsp. each day with cod liver oil (during cold season/winter months).

Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospereth.
-3 John 1:2


Moira said...

I really like your new photos! This remedy sounds like it would do the trick for sure! Praise YHVH my family and I have gone a few years now without having anything more than an upset tummy. I'll write it down to have for future use though, thanks!!!!

Sady said...

Thank YOU! sounds spicy! I bet it kicks that cold out. Praise Our heavenly Father we have not suffered this season. We have had the little siffles! but besides that we have been spared the ugly of what has been going around. I always seem to be in constant prayer when I am out just cause you can hear the rattling coughs and cries of children. Plus we have been kind of hermits this winter, I think that helps! hahaha

Love you and thank you for your blessed info, I love that I know a place to go to receive some good health advice. Thank you Traci! Yahweh bless you for all you do!


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