Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HaShem: The Last Word on the Name used here:)

 (for now...I think)

If you have followed these posts (HaShem, the Name used here and HaShem, the Name revealed), I hope  you will take one last look at the updated posts (the tag is "The Name") as it is time to move on until I am pressed upon to discuss this further.

I just wanted to say that I have revised these  posts  ( HaShem, The Name Revealed, only has the opening statement revised).  Since writing them back on 3/06/11, I have re-read them and  revised them in an effort to be clearer in explaining my understanding and to clarify that the thoughts expressed here are MY thoughts and understandings as I have learned thus far.

Also to further clarify for those who may not know me,  my understanding of scripture is called by many "Hebrew Roots" or  "Messianic" although I'm not sure if there is a name except Abba's name that should be placed on His believers.  Hebrew roots is basically a belief that both halves of the book are created for all time and each part, both old and new, is needful and designed to make ONE.
  I believe  it is in the connecting of the two parts of the book that the fullness of Abba's power is revealed.  It is not my purpose to compel others to believe how I believe, however, it is my joy and my hope to express why I (and many others) believe the things we are coming to understand and perhaps someone who drops in here may learn something here that they haven't heard somewhere else before.  Also, it is not my   purpose to be controversial, however, as I have said before...controversy abounds on many of these matters because people have a desire to want you on one side of the book or the other and most don't believe the two (old and new testaments) are to be joined as one...I DO.. and many others are beginning to understand this too!  Most of us are fairly new (within the last 10-20 years) to these truths although there has always been a remnant who have held the belief that the whole of the scripture is to all generations.  I believe these things are being restored to men "for such a time as this," because this is the time when Abba is gathering His bride and preparing her for His return and without His instructions being revealed to her how will she know who she is and how to appear before Him???  We have been mostly, but not entirely, blinded to these truths since Messiah's time but the scales are now falling from our eyes.

To sum up,  I believe, that we are to walk in what we have been given for today AND pray for a heart that can hear when Abba is ready to lead us "in the way" to new, higher places He is taking us.  In the mean time, we practice the commandment to love our neighbor even when he isn't doing what I think we are all supposed to be doing and when he doesn't speak what I think we all should be speaking and so on...I know my Abba is big enough to manage that matter and He will IN HIS TIME, in that I can find perfect rest.

For me, my desire is to follow the book as it is written, not because a denomination or faith says it is to be done this way or that (Not that I don't learn from others because often I do) but we are looking for His ways which are not defiled with the influence of men.  For now, we are on the journey out of this wilderness where things appear to be unsure and poorly defined and we search and pray that we have the heart to allow Abba to lead us across the river that separates us from the fullness of His promises into His land that was promised to Abraham and we trust that by His word that stands forever, Yahushuah's blood and Abba's unfailing love for us That He is able to accomplish in us all He has purposed for us.  I am thankful for His mercy and goodness shown to me by Him.

Thank you for you patience with me on this matter as I have had to search my heart on this matter and for Abba to help me write.

Just fyi...The last word belongs to Abba...not me, He will set the rest in order when He comes.

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Sigalit Chana said...

I love to see the way Father is working {so similarly} in the hearts of HIS children =) Thank you for the post, you transparency, and your edification. Blessings, my friend.

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