Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Anniversary March 17, 2011

Happy 16th Anniversary Craig!

These are just a few pictures of our life since we married, I hope they make you smile like they make me smile!
The song is from our wedding day.  

As  your card to me said:  Thinking about the life we've built together, remembering the ups and downs we've weathered, feeling proud of the family we have...
Craig, you have been a rock through our ups and downs.  You have honored the words of this song all through the years of our life together.  You honor me and love me even when I am far from deserving.  Your heart is to love and protect and you are a faithful provider and loving father to our whole family.

Thank you for loving me and our family with such commitment in good times and bad.  

I hope you like the slide show!

I love you, Traci
(sorry about the's the thought, I hope:)

Thank you "Wholehearted family" for this lovely idea!!


dwywd4u said...

That was VERY NICE!!! thank you ,
Traci you are easy to love ,you are gorgeous inside and out. I have a good life not always an easy life but it has been a blessed life, thanks for putting up with me! The path YAH has taken us on has been amazing,with its ups and downs, and their is not another person on this planet that I would want by my side.
It has been a blessing to me ,that you stay at home to raise and educate my Children you truly are a wife of proverbs. Thank you for making our house a HOME!!! and your dedication to our family and your nurturing shows your dedication to ABBA through your actions.

I love you more Craig
ps thanks for throwing in my embarrassing moments , and yes I did laughed and cried , thanks for ALL the memories on our wall

Moira said...

Congratulations! My hubby and I just celebrated our 16th last August. Looks like you have had some great times as a family!

Melissia said...

What an awesome video Traci! I had a silly grin on my face watching all the pictures go by, and listening to such a sweet song. Happy Anniversary - I wish you both every continued happiness and blessing! Love, your sister, Melissi

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