Thursday, March 10, 2011


Miss B and Gramma in the kitchen making scrambled eggs for breakfast for her and the boys.  She wants her step-stool so she can climb up and watch but she prefers to help.  She said, "that's cool gramma!"  She's a silly goose.

When I was getting her out of the car this morning she said to me, "My Daddy is STRONG, he picked my sister Gracie up AND he carried me too!"  I knew she was talking about the night before when he got them out of the car after getting home.  It was cold and rainy and I know he would have grabbed them both and taken them into the house together.  Right there, it made my cry to think about what a Daddy he is and  how much he loves his little girls.  It just moved me so much to think about the force of love a parent has for their children.  No power can come between that love.  It's amazing how that love never changes, no matter what age your child is.

Corey, I am so in awe of you and your family and the things Abba is doing in you all.
Here's Miss B working on her letter "B" and the number 2.  She loves decorating them with markers and crayons but stickers are her best, most favorite way to decorate!

Little Gracie...I couldn't catch her smile with my camera for anything... hers is pretty!

Asleep on Gramma's lap.  Gracie just gets in this zone, she gets quiet and relaxes and you know she's headin' off to snoozeville.  Nighty, night baby:)

Hey look!!  Are those Gibson feet???


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