Friday, March 18, 2011

Recipe Korner: Enchiladas (A do-ahead meal)

We love Mexican dishes in our home!!  Tacos, Enchiladas, salsas, hot sauces, sour cream, cheese...yummmm!  And I,m always looking for recipes that will replace the store bought stuff but tastes just as good or better (according to my family's tastes).  So started my quest for a replacement Enchilada sauce. Here's what I found...

Enchilada Sauce
1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1Tbsp Garlic powder
1Tbsp onion powder
1Tbsp ground cumin
1Tbsp chili powder (you can use up to 2 Tbsp but that is a little too much for me)
4 Tbsp flour (I use organic whole wheat but you could use your preference)
4 C chicken broth
1 8 oz. tomato sauce (I just use bionature strained toms in a jar)

Place oil, spices and flour in a pan ( the pan will need to be large enough to hold all ingredients) and heat the spices, flour and oil until fragrant and just starting to brown...but don't let them burn.  Then slowly add broth and tomato sauce and be sure spices are not clumpy then allow to simmer for about 20 min on very low heat, covered.

I use this for any kind of Enchilada, beef, chicken, or cheese and we think it's really good!

To Assemble
If I use beef, I will brown my hamburger and season lightly, add some cooked brown rice and cooked beans (any, red...I usually mix mine when I cook them).
I use sprouted corn tortillas by Food Life which I purchase from Azure Standard
heat the tortillas til warm on both sides in a ungreased pan
For the filling: Add meat or cheese or cooked chicken and roll up placing rolled side down in baking dish
(I usually make about 18 in a dish and squeeze 'em in tightly)
Pour in all the Enchilada sauce doing your best to coat the tops of all the tortillas
Add your cheese (I uses Cheddar, mild or sharp...I like sharp best)

Bake in a 375* oven uncovered for about 25 minutes

Top with sour cream, more cheese and hot sauce, fresh onions, avocado...and if you have time, mix up some home made salsa to serve on them and these are delicious!

May you have a blessed day of preparation and a Shabbat filled with family, friends and SHALOM!


Sigalit Chana said...

Oh YUMMY... can't wait to give this a try =) we love mexican as well! SHabbat Shalom dear one =o)

Spice Tree Music said...

Traci, You can call me at anytime! I loved hearing your voice and that I got to talk with you. You are a blessing and a gift to all whom you come in contact with. I pray you great joy as this shabbat ends and a new week begins!

plus, you have got to make this for us once we are over our three months... so maybe in June! hehe


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