Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Passover in the Month of Abib: A Video

Passover is just around the corner!  I am praying it will be a blessed time in our home.  I have been looking for some cool things to share on the subject.  Each year we learn a little more about this Feast that Abba commands us to remember.
I found this video on the blog of "Our Whole Hearted Family".  It describes how the time of Passover is determined by the visible sighting of the new moon and the ripened (abib) barley found in Israel.  Passover was not/ is not determined by a set date on the calendar...my guess is Abba wants us to be "WATCHMEN" right?  And He wants us to be looking to see His plan as He brings it to pass before us at all times!!!  That is so cool to me because it shows that He is still working His plan for creation before our eyes today just like in the time of the first Passover!!  

  I hope this is useful in your search to understand Abba's accounting of time and His Feast Days.


Moira said...

Shalom Traci~
Really great video! I am looking forward to the Spring Feasts as well, can't wait to see what you have to share! You are right every year we learn something more some new nugget to treasure.

I have noticed though that with the last few Feast there have also been some STRANGE DOCTRINES creep in. When you say we need to be watchman you are right! We need to ,all the more, be listening to the Ruach HaKodesh(holy Spirit) and able to use discernment. This year it seems there is a group of people who are pointing to Torah ONLY, and making that the focus, instead of the fulfillment of this Feast by Yeshua. Making light of the fact that "HE is our passover lamb that was slain for OUR SINS".

Unfortunately, I have some friends who have not studies the Scriptures for themselves and are following after some of these STRANGE DOCTRINES and it breaks my heart. I keep praying that YHVH will open their eyes to the deception. We need to be in constant prayer for the brethren!

I pray all is well with you!!

Traci said...

Hi Moira! Yes, I know what you are talking about (unfortunately). We too have friends who now are following a more "traditional" Jewish approach to Torah, moving farther from a "faith" based keeping of Torah to a "you have to do it this way" because it's tradition, Torah. I know Abba has a plan and He certainly sees each ones heart, so, I trust that He is able to draw us all to His truths.

I agree with you in prayer to ask that Abba will give all of His people eyes that can see and ears that will hear.

I pray your home is richly blessed today!!!

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