Friday, March 4, 2011


Look at this happy girl, she is a smiley baby,  her smile makes me smile!

Here's just a few pics of the last couple of days around the house.  Megan has gone back to work so the girls were here with Gramma on Wed. and Thurs.  

Here is Miss B with the lego tower that she "directed" the boys to build...and is now taking full credit for!

Nice job!
Sorry about the crazy clothes mom but she didn't want to wear her jeans and she couldn't keep the other pants up so I improvised...and it worked for us, nobody saw us:)

More smiles.

Corey, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but B looks WAY cooler in my glasses than your glasses, sorry.

B is coloring and placing stickers on the letter "A" and the number "1" right now.  Now, she just wants to decorate letters and numbers only...I tried to get her to color a picture and she just wanted another letter to decorate.  She knows the letter "A" by name girl.  She did some very lovely "A's" that we sent home to mom and dad also and didn't get a picture of (I slack sometimes) but I think we have some real artistic talent here, right?  Move over Picasso!

We also did shapes which she decorated with stickers and crayons and glued to a Popsicle stick (she thinks they are signs), she thinks it's just play and she enjoys it just fine.
(I pulled out my pre-school -K stuff from "The Weaver."  I used it with the boys and they both loved it and they wanted to stay in Kindergarten forever...but who doesn't?)  The Weaver has a lot of fun stuff for learning the alphabet, letter recognition and making puppets for each letter out of paper bags and gluing  pictures the kids color on for the puppet face that coincide with the letter  child would say:  Ah, Ah, alligator with your mouth so wide, open up and put an "A" inside!!   So, we'll be doing that soon too.

And I leave you with Caleb's art and verse for the day:
The earnest prayer of a righteous one (man) accomplishes much.
James 5:16
(Printable taken from "Hearts in training" free printable site)

Have a blessed day!

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