Monday, February 28, 2011


Around the house at Gramma's...with the girls!

Here's B posing by her sister Gracie for Gramma.

Gracie and Gramma...Gracie has just eaten and we get to share a snuggle and a good burp!

Three amigos, just us girls:)

The purple smoothie:
I just about never measure my smoothie ingredients, I just add what I want to put into me or the kids!  I was making this smoothie for Miss B and I, so I wanted it to be yummy because she is my picky princess.

This yummy smoothie goes something like this:
a few cherries
some pineapple
a banana
half a can of Native Forest organic coconut milk
a little honey
some water
 (how much is based on whether you like creamy or more liquid smoothies)
some ice
Throw it all in the blender till smooth-ie.  

My picky princess had two helpings and got a "brain freeze" because she was drinking it so fast!!  De-ricious as B would say!

Miss B posing by our castle that we have to snap fast because she loves to knock over the castles after she tells you how pretty they are!

Here's Caleb sweeping the floor for his Mom, what a good guy:)  (and Max getting a drink).  Yep, Caleb is wearing shorts in February!  While in the house, both boys wear shorts ALL WINTER LONG!!  I'm freezing and wearing a sweater, two t-shirts with long sleeves layered over each other, long johns and pants and the boys aren't cold...what in the world!!

Tanner taking out the garbage for Mom during the recent snow we had.  He asked me, "why are you taking my picture taking out the garbage?"  
Well,  it's so pretty to see the white snow against the twilight and your standing in the beautiful snow fall and you're beautiful and... I really don't have a better reason than that.

Tanner running on the treadmill.  He mentioned to me the other day that he might like to cut his hair short.  It's been quite a while (as you can tell) since we cut it.  I said to him, "I was kinda thinkin' you had the Sampson thing goin' on and maybe you would be taking the Nazerite vow."  He said, "No, I still eat grapes and raisins!"
So, I guess that answers that...or does it?

Anywho, that is just a few random pics of some of the goings on around here over the last few days.

I'm still pondering how I'm going to write my commandments on my door posts...

So many things swirling in my head.

Gen 18:19  For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him. 

Blessings, Traci


The Wilson's said...

Look at how pretty my girls are....they have so much fun at grandmas!! I'm excited to get back to work..only because i know they are in the best hands possible!! And I also feel better that B doesn't get to watch tv there:) ha! You are the best grandma...we love you guys!!!

Spice Tree Music said...

Awe... Traci! You have two little beautiful girls there! You may think this sounds funny but i see alot of their Gramma in them! I'm so excited for you to be able to be their keeper while their momma is away to work. What a beautiful time you get to teach them and raise them in the way they should go. I know your Son and Daughter have got to be so thankful. My momma was Ziah and Layla's keeper too! She was and is still a huge part of their lives. She has instilled in them the fear and love of Yahweh, even though they live in a house where anything goes. Praise Yahweh for Grandmother's, Mamo's and gramma's! Love you Traci!

Yahweh Bless!

PLus You are an amazing momma too!! Miss you guys!


Traci said...

Oooh, you ladies are so awesome=)

Love you both!!!

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