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Be Your own "Doctor"

Quick Reference Emergency Chart
**Copy and laminate this info. and post in a prominent place to use in emergencies. 
This info is found on pages 328/329 of:  Be Your Own "Doctor"

 – see colon health chapter (***My note: it is a good idea to learn the symptoms of appendicitis)
Asthma attack - try 1 – 2 drops of unscented kerosene on a lump of brown sugar to dilate bronchial tubes and relieve spasms.    Change diet – no dairy products or sugar till child is better. (See respiratory chap.)
Bee Sting – Rub with lavender (***or plantain is great, just me:)
Bladder Infection - Drink 1 tsp baking soda in 8 oz. Water. Read Kidney Bladder Health.
Bleeding -Apply pressure at site – pack with bayberry or cayenne powder. Internal Bleeding – drink cayenne water 1 or more teaspoons to 8 ounce cup of warm water. Repeat in 5 minutes.    Call 911 or transport to hospital yourself.    You may have about 15 minutes before bleeding begins again. Repeat cayenne water during transport if needed.
Blood sugar drop – can result in migraine, serious headache, faintness and nausea. Occurs especially if meal is skipped or late. Give 1⁄2 cup orange juice followed by 1” square of cheese or some nuts.
Bruises – tape a bruised onion slice over area or rub with arnica oil
Burns – COOL in water with or aloe vera juice until pain subsides. Rub with lavender oil. For quick relief soak with vinegar water if the area is not open. (vinegar chap) Detailed directions in burn chapter.
Concussions – See emergency chapter for danger signs. Use brain formula for healing. Coughs - wild cherry cough syrup for annoying sinus drainage cough. Congestion - Rub Garlic salve on chest and back for congestion and cough especially in babies and children.
Cramps - leg cramps – rub with deep tissue oil or soak feet in hot water with 1- 2 TBL of ginger powder.    
Tummy cramps – clove tea and heating pad or rice sock on stomach.   
 Arm cramps – rub with deep tissue oil.
Croup – 1 – 2 drops of unscented kerosene on a lump of brown sugar to dilate bronchial tubes and relieve spasms. Change diet – no milk till child is better.
Diarrhea – take 8 oz. charcoal water after every run to the bathroom. (adult dose) Give slippery elm gruel to babies and children. (slippery elm chap.) 328
Eye – to remove irritations use flax seed in tear duct area (flax chap.)
Fainting – Lay person down, loosen collar,   open window or fan person.    Apply cold to back of neck and forehead. Give sips of cayenne water till well revived.
Gas - Intestinal gas pain – Use 2-3 droppers digestive tonic in water or drink strong hot chamomile tea.
Heart Pain/Attack – drink 1 glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of cayenne powder stirred into it. Repeat the dose in 5 minutes and again if needed.
Hiccoughs – Take 2 droppers of Digestive Tonic in a half glass of water. Startle the person!
 High Blood Pressure – take 1 teaspoon of turmeric in glass of water to lower quickly.
This is only an emergency measure. Treat with diet and exercise for further help.
Pain – cuts, wounds & breaks while healing – take Complete Tissue capsules 5-7 as often as needed. Drink clove tea to relax the area.
 Abdominal or back pain – use warm charcoal/flax poultice on area (flax chap.) Rub area with lobelia to relax muscles. Flax alone, will work too.
Poison – Drink charcoal water – 1 tablespoon in 1 8 oz. Glass of water. Repeat if needed. (charcoal chapter)
Seizures – drip lobelia in mouth, rub at base of skull and down spine.    Or rub cayenne powder on gums to wake them up and bring them out of seizure.
Sinus congestion and pain - rub area frequently with deep tissue oil or sensei salve (not in eyes) Sniff salt water up nostrils and then blow – repeat every twenty minutes, as needed.
Stings – rub with lavender oil as needed.  Does not work well for wasp stings.    Use charcoal compress.
Stomach Ulcers – Stop solid food. Drink 8 oz. water hourly and 1 teaspoon cayenne in 8 oz. water hourly. (may burn but will soon soothe) read colon health chapter.
Sunburn – rub well with olive oil every half hour. For more cooling add a drop or two of peppermint oil to olive oil.
Tooth Abscess - Rinse mouth with salt water, take a clove of garlic and 2000 mg Vitamin C, hourly till resolved. Can tuck a garlic clove by sore spot in mouth.
Toothache – use clove tea to numb and sooth.  Swish and swallow 2 droppers of Black Walnut hourly if needed for a day and then 4x daily till tooth heals.
Stroke - drink 1 glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of cayenne powder stirred into it. Repeat the dose in 5 minutes and again if needed.
***Note the link for this book: 

****My disclaimer:  Just in case a stranger stumbles in here who doesn't know me and reads this (and maybe just doesn't have any good common sense)...This blog does not intend to give any medical advice. This is just common sense information that any Tom, Dick or Harry can apply to every day living situations. These things have been practiced for years in the homes of families who cared for their own wellbeing. You are responsible for whatever info. you find here and choose to use and for how you use it. The writer of this blog is not liable for any problems arising from the use of this info.  I guess I have to say that, silly.

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