Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HSLD: Compulsory school attendance Action Alert

This wasn't my plan for my next post but I got this info. this morning and I believe that this is something you may  be interested in knowing.  There is a bill up for vote in several states that would extend the mandatory school attendance age from 16 to 18.  Calls are needed to oppose this bill.  To see if this bill is up for vote in your state go to:  http://www.hslda.org/legislation/state/default.asp

If this vote is coming up in your state, you may want to contact your legislator.

HSLD email:

Please call and email members of the committee to express your opposition.

1. Contact your own representative, if he or she is on the committee. Use HSLD Legislative Toolbox to see who your representative is at http://www.hslda.org/toolbox

2. Whether or not your representative is on the committee, call the other committee members.

You can use the background information below to develop your own thoughts, or your message can be as simple as:

"Please oppose House File # (whatever number it is in your area). This multimillion dollar proposal will force unwilling, unmotivated older teens to remain in classrooms where they will cause disruption. Protect the right of parents to decide
what educational or vocational paths their 16-year-olds should follow."

It is not necessary to identify yourself as a homeschooling family, since this bill undermines the rights of all parents.

3. Please forward this info. to families you know who are not a members of HSLDA, and urge them to contact members of the committee.

> Raising the compulsory school attendance age will not reduce the dropout rate. Some states with the lowest completion rates compel attendance to age 18.

> More than 20 states only require attendance to age 16. Older children unwilling to learn can cause classroom disruptions and even violence, making learning harder for their classmates who truly want
to learn.

> Mandating attendance until age 18 would restrict parents' freedom to decide if their 16-year-old is ready for college or the work force. Some 16-year-olds who are not academically inclined benefit more from
valuable work experience than from being forced to sit in a classroom.

>Another significant impact of expanding the compulsory attendance age would be an inevitable tax increase to pay for more classroom space and teachers to accommodate the additional students compelled to attend public school.

>The bill gives public schools and accredited private schools--but not homeschool families--the power to waive compulsory attendance for 16- and 17-year-olds.

For more information on compulsory school attendance, please see our memorandum at http://www.hslda.org/elink.asp?id=3623

The Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators and HSLDA are united in opposing this bill.

Thank you for standing with us for freedom!

Sincerely Yours,

Scott Woodruff
HSLDA Senior Counsel

**Note this bill is #116 in Iowa and your call must be in before Wed.,  Feb. 9.  If you are so inclined to call, here is the contact info. for Iowa:


Representative Ron Jorgensen
(515) 281-3221 (House switchboard)

Representative Curtis Hanson
(515) 281-3221 (House switchboard)

Representative Kevin Koester
(515) 281-3221  (House switchboard)

This update is courtesy of my Friend Theresa C.  who is always up on the votes taking place in our area that affect our freedoms.  Thank you Theresa!

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