Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Canning Butter?? Yes, you can! (...Uhemm, no pun intended)

 **Let me note here:  Before I get too far into this post… Butter is best fresh and raw if possible and if not raw then cultured would be your next best choice…however, for the purpose of storing without refrigeration the video below explains just how to do that.

I ran across this video the other day and I was really excited to see it.  It is a video on CANNING BUTTER.  I have thought many times how sad it would be to be short of butter if there was no way to store it or you just didn’t have access to it for a period of time.  Some folks may not care much about not having any butter on hand, but for me…it’s gonna be a sad, sad day when I can’t lay my hands on a stick of butter, sour cream, cream or the good ‘ole “incredible edible egg!”  We use a pound or two of butter every week…not margarine, butter, the real thing!   Weston Price Foundation has much info. On the matter of butter and its health benefits.    If you are not currently familure with this information log on to:
And check out these articles:

On the video...what she actually has after boiling the butter is "ghee" but if she doesn't skim the butter fats off the top and just puts them into the jars, those fats could be shaken back into the product while still warm...if you wanted to.

Now here it is…

I hope you found this helpful:)

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