Monday, February 7, 2011

Radical Homemakers!

 Here’s  Miss B.  She’s hard at work helping G-wama out in the kitchen.    She asks me, “G-wama, can I have the stepstool so I can wash dishes with you?”  Seriously, how could I say no??  She climbs up the stepstool and we roll up her sleeves because there's gonna be some water splashin’!  Then she asks me for the bib (the apron…well, it does work to the same end now doesn’t it?!) and we tie it on up under her armpits (because it is my “bib” and it’s a little big for herJ).  Then  she helps G-wama wash dishes until SHE’S all done.  What a good girl!                                              

Now we have Miss B by the block castle we built.  She loves to play blocks.  She likes to build towers and castles.  She talks of Princesses and says she is one…and I think, “yes, you are a princess, a daughter of a King.”  

Here's our B again.  She came out of my room and she had my (fake) pearl necklace on her head like a princess and my pretty sparkle bracelets on both wrists and she says, "look at my pretties G-wamma."  I thought,Yes, you certainly do look like a princess to me:)
We love you Miss B.  May your heart be full of wisdom, joy and peace and your steps be directed in the "good paths" all your days.


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