Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recipe Korner: Pantry Recipes... Creamy Salmon Soup

We made this last night using mostly pantry ingredients and it turned out to be a very good soup for a cold evening at home.  It was really easy and can be made on a whim without much planning (if you keep a steady supply of butter and cream in the house like I try too, I love that stuff!).

**Note this is not a "thick" soup like a canned cream mushroom soup.  It is more like soup but creamy and filling and yummy.

Here's a "general" list of ingredients because I didn't measure very well as I went, I just sorta threw stuff in...haha!  That's when it turns out the best isn't it?

Here ya go:
4c chicken broth
1 can salmon with bones removed (I also take off the slimy skin too, no one likes that, yuk!)
1 1/2 c heavy whipping cream
1 can of corn (I threw in the juice because I like the way it tastes...and it was good!)
1 Package of Uncle Ben's Wild Rice (I used chicken flavor...I'm planning on making my own wild rice recipe soon but haven't gotten that done just yet...don't like some of the ingredients in the packaged stuff).  Cooked according to package directions.

Okay, this is where it gets a little iffy, but I'll give you the general idea of what I put in...
onion powder...about 1 tbsp.
fresh mushrooms chopped to my liking...2-3 handfuls or as much as you want.
butter...I'd start with about a half stick.
garlic minced...maybe 1 tsp.
celery flakes...start with 1 tsp 'cuz a little of that can go a looooong way!
sea salt and pepper to taste.

Basically this all goes in together and you heat it but NOT to boiling.  Then turn it on as low as possible and simmer with the lid on for about 20 minutes and serve.
I would guess this would serve about 6.

We had ours with a nice salad and crackers but if you had some delicious homemade crusty bread it would be awesome!  Even my very picky husband liked this one (yay!)

If you like salmon and creamy soups and don't mind a meal that whips up in a quick minute, give this a try!

                                                                                All gone!

P.s. You can also substitute chicken for salmon and adjust your seasonings to your liking...we did that one too using mushroom flavored wild rice and it was another keeper:)

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