Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Look who's cooking breakfast!

Dad is home from work today because of the “Monster Storm” that is hitting much of the U.S. and he decided that he would cook breakfast for us all…well, I could get used to that!  He doesn’t cook very often but when he does, it’s usually breakfast and he does a pretty nice job, IF you don’t count the unbelievable trail of disaster he leaves behind him!!  I guess there is a price to pay when someone else does the work…right?  Anywho, I’m thankful for a tasty breakfast that I didn’t cook.  
             He looks like he's concentrating very hard doesn't he?  

Dad cooked turkey sausage links, beef bacon (sausage and bacon courtesy of our friends Mike and Andrea, thanks guys:), hashbrowns with carmelized onions (I think he just likes to say “carmelized” though I’m not sure about that) and mushrooms and over easy eggs.  Not bad huh?  Also in his culinary expertise is his famous omlette that he usually fixes for breakfast whenever we have company that stays over night (and for us if we ask nicelyJ).  The omelette is one of my favorites.

Pretty nice.  Thanks for breakfast Dad…you know it always tastes better when someone else cooks it!
Now who’s gonna clean up that mess…as if I didn’t know, just kiddingJ

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