Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reading together

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The boys and I really like to read books together.   It’s nice to end the day sitting around together reading, we all (even Craig) really enjoy it. We recently made a list of some of our favorite books that we have read together because I love remembering these times together.  Some of the books the boys especially like are adventure, fiction, friendship, survival and some are series books.  Often, after reading a book from one author that we liked, we look for more of his/her books to read.   Sometimes to find good books I look through book lists or go by suggestions from friends or just take a chance based on the book’s description.   We have learned that Newbery award books (at least the ones we’ve read) are often good books that we can find at our library.   The books I've listed should be available at your local library but I've added links so the book description is available.

Here’s a few of our Favorite reads:

Author: Paulsen, Gary  
  (This is a Series.  The boys really enjoyed these and wanted to read them all and so did I)

The River
Brian’s Winter
Brian’s Hunt
Brian’s Return

Author: Peck, Richard
(The first two titles are sequential.  These were humorous and fun books for all of us.)
A long way from Chicago
A Year Down Yonder
Here lies the Librarian   

Author: George, Jean Craighead
(A trilogy.  Tanner read the Far side of the mountain and Frightful’s mountain twice and wanted to read them again until I persuaded him to move on to something new!)
My side of the mountain
The far side of the mountain
Frightful’s mountain

Author: Forbes, Ester
(This one’s a long one but it was still pretty good.  Early America setting.)
Title: Johnny Tremain

Author: Morpurgo, Michael
(This one was a real surprise.  It was a really good story!  We really enjoyed it but were unable to find anymore of this author’s books at our library)
Title: Private Peaceful

Author: Tenboom, Corrie
(We listened to this on audio in a play form.  The boys liked it a lot and we had a lot to talk about as we listened to it.)
Title:  The hiding place

Author:  Thedore, Taylor
(This was another unexpected surprise.  We loved this book and couldn’t wait to get back to it to see what was going to happen next.)
Title:  The Cay

Author: Trumbull, Robert
(I pulled this off the shelf at the library in the audio books and took it home based on the jacket’s description and was really surprised how quickly we were drawn into the story.)
Title: The Raft

Author:  Hemmingway, Ernest
(We got this book because it was listed as a reading assignment for Tanner’s language arts through literature class.  We got it on audio so we could all hear it and the story was kind of rough but still a story that you wanted to know what would happen at the end.)
Title:  The old man and the sea

Author:  Rawls, Wilson
(These two books were books that the boys just really enjoyed.  I don’t like sad animal stories so I cried, cried, cried at Where the red fern grows but the boys were fine and liked it just the same.)
Summer of monkeys
Where the Red Fern Grows

Author: Daly
(This isn’t a long book so it’s a quick read but it is a story that held their attention.)
Title:  The small war of sergeant donkey

Dear America Series, My name is America
(This series has many books in it.  The boys just chose what they wanted to read and they chose to read quite a few of them.  This series is for boys but there is also a girls series too.  There are too many of these to post them all so here is just one.)

Author:  Maybury, Richard J.
(These are excellent books for high school level reading.  They are written in letter form and teach economics and justice but don’t let that make you think these are boring…they are great and written to be clear and interesting AND they explain what is wrong with our current economic and justice systems.  There are others in Maybury’s books to read but we haven’t read them yet but do have them on our shelf.)
Whatever happened to penny candy
Whatever happened to justice

I wouldn’t say I endorse every line that is in each of these books as they are  mostly secular reading books off library shelves but we did enjoy reading these books together and the beauty of reading together allows us to censor if needed or discuss a passage if needed.   

We're looking for a new book now because we just finished a trilogy that we had a lot of fun reading.  I'm so thankful for this time together.

I'd Love to hear any reading ideas from others who would like to share:)


Sigalit Chana said...

Ahh, I am delighted you shared these books! Thank you sweet sister!

Spice Tree Music said...

We too love to read together! Sure wish we could find more time for it. It always seems like we are grasping the hours that have already left.... maybe once the trio are older it might be a little more accessible.

Oh Gabe and I before the children were born went through the "little house on the Prairie" series. We loved them! (except for the unclean eating and holiday stuff)

You might not know this... Gabe and I really have watched you guys and your boys. We have truly been blessed to watch how respectful and loving your children are. We always told each other we wanted our boys to sit and be reverent like your sons. I always remember Tanner and Caleb sitting quietly during meetings, not even having to have something entertain them. Truly a blessing to know and see that it is possible. Gives us hope and courage to raise them up as good babies. respectful babies. Love you sister, Shabbat Shalom!


Traci said...

Oh Sady, those are such kind words. Thank you so much! Tanner and Caleb are very good boys, both very kind, loving and obedient. I don't think we could have asked for better, and yes we have expected them to be able to sit quietly when needed because we didn't think it was beyond a child's capabilities. Some children are easier than others though. Tanner was an excellent example to Caleb because Caleb struggled much more than Tanner in this area but but consistency is key, I think. You and Gabe are wonderful parents Sady and it is quite obvious that you are raising good, respectful, Abba loving/fearing children and that is so beautiful to see. I see the heart you both have to your babies, very focused on their training and leading and in love with them. No fears you are on the good path to training your children Sis. A blessing to watch!

A big hug to you Sady and thank you so much for the kind blessing on this beautiful Sabbath morning:)
I Love you too, Shabbat Shalom to your home today!

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