Saturday, June 6, 2009

Book Review "The Great Physician's Rx by Jordan Rubin

The Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness

The Great Physician's Rx by Jordan Rubin
This is a fantastic book on biblical,healthful eating and why we should eat biblically healthful. Jordan Rubin gives a very good explaination of why we should avoid certain foods as the bible instructs His people to do when He gives them "clean eating" rules for life. He sites the reasons why these "clean eating" rules still apply today (rules that are usually mistaught by most biblical teachers of today because of misunderstanding of scripture).
He discusses the fact that Yahuah (GOD of creation) wants His people to be a set apart people. Here is a paraphrase from his book: Yahuah lead Israel out of Egypt and explained to them...because I love you, I will give you commandments (instructions for life) to make you a separate, set apart people. I do this because I am a jealous GOD and I desire for you to live your life set apart to me because you love me. I want you to be my very own, not mingled with your ways but wholly doing the things I say because you love me. I have given you THE WAYs of life and when you do them, you will become a CITY ON A HILL!
He gives 50 days of example recipes along with lists of foods to aviod and foods which are created to promote our health. In the book, he discusses benefits of daily exercise and hygiene. He also gives resources. He has 2 web sites which you can go on to check out if you like: and

You can find it at here:

This is a 2 thumbs up book and a must read for everyone, especially those who are of the house hold of faith!
Be blessed!

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