Thursday, June 18, 2009

Will We Learn From The Examples Left To Us?

1Cor 10:11 Now all these things happened unto them for examples: and they are written for OUR instruction upon whom the ends of the world have come.

The things that happened to the Jews were written and recorded for us, so that we would not be guilty of the same mistakes the had made. They murmured and complained. They would not rest (show faith, believe) in the things that Yahuah told them to do. They would not trust that Yah was able to keep them by His instructions for life (His word).

Are WE reliving exactly what the Jews did? Their hearts were stone and they would not receive who or how Yahushua was to come the first time and what His mission was when He came to be the sacrificed lamb. They were looking for the reigning King, expecting the Messiah to be the reigning king who would put an end to the sufferings of Yah's people. They could not receive the first work that He must do in His appearing. Therefore, many of them could not receive Him because they held onto and believed the traditions of mens teachings and the wrong doctrines that were being taught about how the Messiah would appear to them and what His work would be when He came. They would not believe the word, but held to what they had been wrongly taught.

Could WE have hard hearts and many of US miss Him in His final appearance because we too will not receive Him as He is to come in the mission or work He is to the Judge of the world...the unpolluted, unmixed, WORD of God?

We have been taught in the doctrines of men that the WORD of Yahuah is separated by the testaments, that the new supersedes the old...but Yahushua said "I AM the first and the last, the beginning and the end." Doesn't scripture teach that the WORD is eternal? Doesn't the scripture teach that the WORD does not change? Doesn't the scripture teach that the WORD is ONE? Yet, we follow the doctrines of men holding onto the teachings that when Yahushua came to earth He taught in opposition to the "foundational" teachings laid down from the beginning. Paul said the WORD (aka law, Torah) is established not done away with.

Doesn't Yahuah call Himself our Father? Doesn't a Father teach His children His ways out of LOVE? Would a Father give His children His instructions to live a life pleasing to Him and then later tell His children that if they do those instructions they will die because they are death to them? Is that the kind of thing we would do to our children? NEVER!! We would never teach them to do something that we knew would later bring them death....NEVER!!! If we love them, we will do all we know to teach them THE WAYs to life, good and successful and prosperous. That is what a Father does who loves His children.

Do WE believe what the WORD says or what mens traditions wrongly say?

Does the WORD say not to add or take away from the scriptures? Oh, and who divided the book anyway?

Just thinkin'

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