Saturday, June 6, 2009


Father, make my feet set on YOUR path so that I go in the way determined by You each day. And that each day I may have a prosperous journey determined by your will so that I may impart some spiritual gift to your people so they may be established in you and that I may come to them and be comforted by our mutual faith in you.
Make me able to teach your ways, the gospel of truth and life which is from the beginning. Cause my words to be guided by you and my teaching to be from you in every situation in life. Make my tongue to be quiet when it should. Make my tongue to speak wisdom and guidance from you in due season. Make my tongue to speak lovingly with kindness. Cause discenment to be alive in me that I can know what you desire in all things.
Let your mercies be ever over my house and my children and my children's children that you are established in our hearts and evidenced in our daily lives.
In Yahushuah's name, let your will be done forever, Amen

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