Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recipe Korner

Summer cooling refreshing ideas to beat the heat!

A simple lemonade with honey and real lemons. It'sreally thirst quenching. I use a short cup of honey mixed with a cup of warm water to liquify it. Then I add the juice of up to 6 lemons,sometimes throwing in a lime or two. Add water to make a gallon.Shake. Chill. Enjoy.

I also like what we call "Honegar." It's a mix of a short cup of honey and a short cup of apple cider vinegar with a gallon of water. This drink will really get your electrolytes in fast. When cramping up because of sweating too much from the weather,working outside in the blazing sun, have a glass of Honegar and it relaxes muscles almost instantly because of the minerals. A glass of Natural Calm magnesium will work as well, but we save that for at night.

The Honegar will reinvigorate, load you with mineral/electrolytes, flush out your system and it's just plain oldrefreshing.

Ideas from my friend, Teresa C.

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