Saturday, June 6, 2009

Does Faith Do Away With Works???

Habikuk 2:4 The just shall live by faith. In the book of Romans 3:31, Paul addresses this very question. He asks the question: "Do we make void God's instructions (aka law) because of faith? God forbid, we establish it."
The gospel of Yahushuah the Messiah is more that just facts to be believed(faith alone)...It is also a life to be lived, a life of set apartness, of which, the instructions were given to us from the beginning.
Faith in Yahushuah and who He is, IS enough in the beginning but we must lay a foundation for those who have come to believe in Yahushua as the redeemer so they may understand THE WAYs to life and once a foundation has been laid, then we are to move on into perfection.
Scripture says in Hebrews 5:12 have need that someone teach you the first principals of the oracles (sayings) of God and have become as one who needs milk (milk is the first needs of a babe...the foundation for it's life). For everyone who uses milk (first principals of God's sayings) is unskillful in the WORD of righteousness:for he is a babe (he is not skillful in the WORD yet).
The first principals are to be taught to us in the beginning of our faith and built on from there.
Don't we do this very thing when we teach our children how to live? We start with the most basic things in life and when those are learned (established) we move on to the next. We don't throw away the basics, they can't be changed...they just are and they don't need to be taught over and over because they are established and NOW WE CAN MOVE ON INTO HIGHER LEARNING. In GOD's teachings to us, He moves from the basics of physical laws to spiritual laws...basics to higher level, concrete to abstract...Just like children learn, HMMM?
Physical acts bring about the spiritual manifestations...FRUIT! You can't separate these two, physical and spiritual. They are created to be ONE. It makes a whole! It makes complete!
REMEMBER: James 2:20 don't you know vain man, that FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD?
You see it is taught that faith and works (works: the things God instructs us to do not what we THINK is ok to do) are to exsist together and anything else will produce a fruit that is not pure. The seed of that fruit will produce something mingled...that's why the bIBLE says: DON'T ADD TO WHAT THE WORD SAYS AND DON'T TAKE AWAY. It's so the fruit the WORD produces will be pure and produce only ONE kind. ONE...get it?

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