Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is Our Creator's Name GOD?

You will see in this blog that when I refer to "God" I will often use a name rather than a title such as God or Lord. The name you will see me use will be Yahuah. In some places I have used Yahovah since many of you who read King James versions of the bible have seen this in the scriptures which say His name is Jehovah.

In a book called "His Name is ONE" by Jeff Benner, there is an explaination about the possible pronunciations of our Father's name, I will share it with you as follows: Many possible pronunciations for this name have been proposed over the centuries, some more common ones are Jehovah, Yahveh, Yahweh and (the one that seems most likely to me...) Yahuah. The actual pronunciation cannot be determined with complete accuracy but there are some clues within the biblical text.

When you see it written out in "english" you will see it like this: YHWH.

The 1st letter in the name is the Hebrew letter "yud." The modern Hebrew pronunciation of this letter is "y."
The 2nd and 4th letters of the Hebrew name is "h." Pronounced "h" or"e."
The 3rd letter is, in modern Hebrew, the letter "vav." While the modern pronunciation is "v," the ancient pronunciation was "w" which, is retained in the Arabic language, a sister language of Hebrew.

The Hebrew pronunciation of our "praise Yah" is "halleluYah." The name "Eliyahu" (aka Elijah) means "my God is Yah" and is another use of the shortened form of the name "YHWH" or "Yahuah." It is clear that the traditional pronunciation of the first part of the name is "Yah." The name "Eliyahu" has retained the pronunciation of the 3rd letter in the name "YHWH" or "Yahuah" as "u." We now have the pronunciation "Yahu" for the first 3 letters of the name.
The final letter "h" would of been pronounced as an "h", which would be silent or a breathy sound (example:"hhhh") (He is the BREATH OF LIFE!) Or the letter "e" pronounced "ey" (long "a" sound). So, just as in the name Eliyahu, the pronunciations would be "Yahuah" or "Yahuey."

I personally think it's the breathy "h" sound at the end so, I pronounce the creator of heaven and earth's name "Yahuah."
And now, you know why!
If you are interested in studying this out further, take a look at the hebrew pronuciations of some ot the fellas who wrote the books of the bible:
1. Isaiah is...Yesha'Yahu Meaning: Yahuah is salvation
2. Jeremiah is...YirmeYahu Meaning: Yahuah throws (like laying foundation)
3. Nehemiah is... NehemYah Meaning: Comfort of Yahuah

Aren't we to take on His name?

Hmmm? Wonder if it matters?

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