Friday, June 12, 2009

A Visitor

This little fellow has been visiting our house for a few nights now. He comes up onto the deck looking for leftovers ( the cat food the kitties don't finish). The kitties just sit there and watch him and walk by him like nothing. He looks at us thru the glass of the patio doors and doesn't seem to care too much that we're there, BUT Max the dog strikes fear into him and causes him to go a runnin' right now. Max is a 3 year old yellow lab who is still a puppy at heart and doesn't have a clue about being mean but ol' bandit here doesn't know that so I guess he'll have to find out on his own!
I don't think he's even a year old yet, he looks pretty young and maybe not too wise on the evils of the world yet. Hope he never has to know it!

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