Friday, April 1, 2011


Seed starting time is here (and probably a little late already) again.  A few things I've started are:
Cabbage, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Cucumber, Peppers, Onion, Tomatillo, ...I think that's about it so far.  The next seeds should go right into the garden...hoping it warms up soon.  I wish I found the whole seed starting thing enjoyable but I don't like getting out the dirt and making a mess...isn't that funny?  Most people say it's the getting your hands dirty that is so relaxing...hmmm.  I don't like messes, bummer.

First batch of Water Kefir.  The first batch tasted a little like dirty water but from what I've read, it seems this is normal.  The second batch was a little sweeter and the grains puffed up quite a bit more.  I'm still hoping for a little more effervescence.  It wasn't too bad but possibly could be an "acquired" taste thing. The information says it may take a few batches to get it nice and strong, we'll see:)

Is this the cutest??  B comes over dressed in her regular clothes but also has on her "Olivia" dance too too (how do you spell too too??)  Her Mama, said she slept in it the night before and didn't want to take it off this morning.  She looked so adorable:)

Then she danced with Cinderella in the living room.
(Tanner's hinder parts)
And, she danced:)

This made me laugh, B has her purse over her shoulder and she's carrying around her little dalmatian puppy.  Reminded me of the "rich girlie's" and their little silly looking dogs, ha ha...she'll never be that vain though!!
Gracie is so cute dressed in her cool pink know, not just any girl who could pull off pink shoes...I think she did it with a lot of style, don't you?

Oh, Megan and Corey, you don't get to see our crafts this week...yet.  They are for Passover and they are under wraps, hush, hush until then.  You'll just have to wait:)
Out my window this morning...we wake to snow.  Seriously??  It just doesn't want to let go.

B is having an apple snack and the boys are finishing up school.  Fun!  Okay, maybe not for the boys:)  Look at our table during the day (actually it's the whole week until Friday, mostly) goodness!!
(Tanner's face!!)
A self portrait:)

Another self portrait.  Wait a minute...


This was the scene for most of the day...Sleepy head all day.  She just ate, can you tell?

Monkey go bye bye in the shopping cart:)
(There's Tanners legs.)

Sharing some pop corn with Papa after he gets home from work.  Papa loves popcorn just as much as B.

Gracie having her snack... from Mom, with love:)

We went to the library and (the really bad for you but still tastes really good...)Mc D's today.  B finds both of these activities to be a treat.  At the library she always gets stuff, she likes that (and it's free, I like that, ha ha) and Mc D's is a treat she loves to eat (ya, I know I rhymed).
But, I had no camera.  I was sad I forgot it...I've become a little obsessive about taking pics (the boys just roll their eyes).  I tell them that even if they don't enjoy my picture taking (which I don't impose on the two of them that much...really) that they should encourage me and if not encourage, at least tolerate it.  They're still thinking about it.
Here's why I bring that up...while we were at the library in the parking lot, we parked near a white van.  Caleb says, "look mom" as he's pointing at the van.  I look over to see 2 yellow labs in the front of the van, one in the passenger seat and one in the drivers seat, both looking straight ahead as if they were driving somewhere...hahaha, it was so cute and funny...I wanted to take a picture (insert eye roll from the boys here).
They didn't think it was necessary.  Whatever.  Really, be honest, is that over the top??  That picture would be placed right here if I would have had my camera.  Next time for sure!

   Daddy and Mommy's
(and Gramma's and Papa's and Nana's, and Grampa's, and Ole Nana's)
Little Princess.  (complete with crown:)

Snackin' on a banana while playin' with the castle.  She was playing with a "wounded" GI Joe who sustained a  terrible arm injury (it was broken off) and she bound up his arm until it was better, a little while ago.  Florence Nightingale would be proud!

This is not Thursday...but the boys took my camera when they went to see Cirque Du Soleil with their cousins.  I improvise:)
Hi Gracie!

Ha ha, Gotcha!

I asked Craig to help me find a new camera (Craig I hope you haven't forgotten:)  so I can take pictures "like the pros".   Ha ha, then the boys will BEG me to take their pictures...and I will:)

Gen 18:19  “For I have known him, so that he commands his children and his household after him, to guard the way of יהוה, to do righteousness and right-ruling, so that יהוה brings to Aḇraham what He has spoken to him.”

May you have a blessed week family.
Love, mom


Moira said...

Great photos!
Where do you live that it is still snowing? I live in Texas(for now) and we have had beautiful spring weather for weeks now. I need to get some kefir grains, it's on my list of things to do! Our table looks about the same during school hours, books papers, pencils! Love seeing that your going to be planting some veggies!!!
Well thanks for sharing!!

Traci said...

Hi Moira:)) We are in Iowa and thankfully that snow was very short lived. It melted by the afternoon (yay!) Today, the sun is shining and it is beautiful AND it's already 60 degrees...Thank you Abba! Things are finally starting to green up and signs of life are all around.

Texas must be wonderful right now. Your flowers around your house were amazing!! wonderful to have spring, sprung:) I am so very looking forward to the warmer weather.

Your the best Moira, such an encouragement!!

Blessings to your home!!!


Moira said...

I am glad to hear the snow was short lived, and it is getting warmer there! Enjoy your Sabbath!!

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