Sunday, April 10, 2011

Created in His Image

What does it mean to be created "In His Image"?

I surly cannot say I know entirely what that means, but I can say I know that certain things that He has placed in us are to be an example of His image or character.

I was thinking about how much I love my children.  I think that the love a parent has for a child is so deep and unfailing.  I think that children certainly also love their parents, but in most cases our parents love us more, with a deeper attachment.

This brings me to my thoughts of how we are created in Abba’s image with this deep love for our children.  It certainly is the example of how Abba loves us.  His love to us is full of forgiveness, and patience, filled with the desire to instruct for our good so that we might go in all the ways of life, health,  happiness, and fruitfulness.  I know that is what I desire for my children.  I desire for them to be wise and understand truth and for them to be blessed in their lives.  It pleases me when they accept discipline/direction without fussing and it pleases me when they choose to honor my instructions that I have placed over them not to control them but to protect and direct them.  Those desires in us come from Abba and are the image to show us His nature and His relationship to us as His children.

Also, I would say the desire to find a mate, get a home and start a family is also part of the example of the His image Abba placed in us because the whole story of the WORD is one of a wedding, a family and a home that is protected and provided for by the Husband and Father who loves His bride and family above all else and desires to place His name on her and bring her to His home that He created just for her!

Isn’t that amazing!  Creating us in His image is to be an example to us that shows us how He thinks about us and revealing it to us in how we think about our families!

Abba is so great (big and vast) that this does not begin to touch on the wonders that lie in the image of Him but as I pondered a parents love and How our creator/Heavenly Father loves us, these things occurred to me.

Jer 31:3  YHWH hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.


Moira said...

Great post! I agree, for me it wasn't until I became a parent that I could even slightly understand the love my parents had for me!

Moira said...

Shalom Traci~
I just came from my sisters blog "Everyday Scrapbook" and saw you entered to win, I am so glad!!! I hope you win!!!!

Love the NEW LOOK of the header, so fresh and spring like!!!! I love the verse too!!!
Shalom, Have a great evening!!!!

Traci said...

Yep! I sure did:) Thanks for telling us about it Moira! It would be awesome to win!

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