Friday, April 8, 2011


This week at our house...just a few pictures to share:)

She's a star:)

Don't worry Mom, it's just Weird camera effects.

Math, math and more math.

Happy face:)  I still need some practice with the camera, eh?

P90x!  That's a work out!

Hibiscus tree in the sunshine.  Makes me feel like spring:)

Corey coming to get his babies.  

Playing kitchen out doors.

I almost got the whole baby in the shot this time, huh.

Okay, this is not Gracies week for photos...this shot is upside down...and I didn't take time to turn it least I'm consistent.   But look at those cutie little shoes:)

Look at that pretty hair.

Dora pezzle...B calls 'em pezzles not puzzles:)

My pretties.

Green.  I love green, have I mentioned that?
I saved the best for last...
Tanner you're the best uncle!  (He's walking with B, pushing her stroller with her babies covered up in it)  It was kind of a walk-run kinda thing but I laughed at the sight of Uncle Tanner pushing the stroller...didn't expect that one.  He'll be a good daddy someday:)

No pictures of Caleb?  Since I got my new camera, he and Tanner both got our older ones.   He is now my partner in picture taking crime...dadada (that's the suspense sound inserted there)!

Psa 115:12  יהוה has remembered us; He blesses us; He blesses the house of Yisra’ĕl; He blesses the house of Aharon. 

Hope you have a blessed weekend and a restful Sabbath.

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Moira said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing!! Have a great Sabbath!!!

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