Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Family Planner(s)

I have really had it on my heart lately to get all the information that I rely on reorganized neatly and placed where everyone can find it in the event of emergency (or just in case the lights go out).  I want everything to be handy so if there is any kind of rush or panic, we will all know just where to go to find needed information.  

I keep binders for all of the things I want to access quickly.  I have 7 of them currently (don't laugh).  I keep my binders (mostly) separate from each other because it keeps them light weight and just makes things more specific.  I am a note keeping, list making fool so keeping binders is just a must for someone like me:)

My binders are not really decorative at this point but they are at least practical...I can only hope for decorative sometime in the near future, but at least they're handy (smile).

Here are my 7 binders.  
*2 Binders are my biblical studies.
*1 binder is budget.
*1 binder is natural health and remedies.
*1 binder is pantry stuff and I keep my to do list in that one also because the two can fit together.
*2 binders are for recipes I use frequently (some my fav's).

I keep my binders on a shelf so I like to tag the outside for quick access.

On the inside I personally like these really handy pocket dividers.  They allow me to keep things I want handy in the pockets and it shows me what is in this section easily.

Then, for the pages in between, I like to keep things in page protectors, especially in my cook book binders.  They do just what they say they will do...protect the page, you gotta love it!

Now for what I like to keep in my binders
In my biblical studies binders, I have them sectioned according to the study that I am doing.
 (the subject most near and dear to my heart).
Ark of Testimony
The Rod

The Budget binder
My budget
I keep my bills in the binder in the pockets.
Note as to when things are due
insurance info.
license info.

Natural healing binder
*What herbs to use for what illness
*Safety info. (if safe for kids, pregnant, elderly, etc.)
*Essential oil info.
How to use them and what to use them for.
*How to make salves with herbs and oils.
*How to make lotions, shampoo.

Pantry notes/ Things to do
In my pantry notes I keep general but helpful information.
All things Food related)
Whats in the freezer
Freshness dates/Codes
Grocery list
Clean 16
Dirty Dozen
What’s in Season
Health Food Notes
Local Producers

And under things to do...I just keep track of things that I might like to do in the future especially regarding food and food production, like what kinds of chickens I'd like to have and I would like to keep garden notes as well...but maybe that's binder #8...Hmmm?

Cook Book Binders
I'd like to say that I just keep my most favorite, tried and true recipes in these...that's how they started out.  But, I have added things that I want to cook in them also.  As I have been (trying) to teach myself how to cook from scratch for a while now, I have added things that I just haven't tried to do yet but want to...sometime or at least will have the info. handy when I need to do it.

Well, there's a little insight to my madness...Oh, I forgot...I also wanted to mention that inside my medicine cabinet door I am also hanging lists of important info that you use more frequently:
*Fever info. and how to treat (or not treat it)
*Quick remedies for common problems
*Dosages for tinctures
Coming soon...
*Burn and wound treatment info.
*Essential oil info.
(I told you I'm a list making fool:)



Sigalit Chana said...

I love organization =) I have just started a new folder as well for essential oils and medicinal plants from the garden =o) Thanks for more great ideas and for sharing your notebooks =) Have a lovely day Traci =) Shalom!

Moira said...

I love list's too~although for me they are more a reference point, than anything;)

Peterson Party said...

Hi Traci!

Good job on your binders. I keep saying that I am going to make a homekeeping notebook, so far it is just a thought in my mind.

Also, so glad that you guys liked the unleavened pizza. I am having my in-laws over tomorrow night and we'll be trying a different unleavened crust for our pizza party. Hoping it tastes good! I also just posted my husband's favorite unleaved bread recipe on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Traci ~ I really like your binder for natural healing and your list ideas. Those are good ideas! I think I will have to use it. :).

Mrs. B said...

Thanks for posting this. You have inspired me to organize my notebooks better. I have just been stuffing things into my binders. I have a question for you - what is the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 16?

Traci said...

Hi Mrs. B:) Thanks for your sweet comments:) The "dirty dozen" is a list of foods that commonly have a high rate of pesticide usage and if possible this is the group of fruits and veggies you'd want to buy organic or grow yourself. The "clean 16" is the list that would be okay not to buy as "organic" because these fruits and veggies don't get treated with so many chemicals.
The lists are as follows:
Dirty Dozen: celery, peaches, strawberries, apples,blue berries, nectarine, bell peppers, spinach, kale, cherries, potatoes, and grapes.

The Clean 16 are:
Onions, avocados, sweet corn, pineapple, mango, peas, asparagus, kiwi, cabbage, egg plant, cantalope, watermelon, grape fruit, sweet potatoes, honey dew.

If I try to follow this whenever possible and also am learning to eat in season. So many things to learn that we just haven't been taught:)

Blessings, Traci

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