Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coming to life...Around Our House

The Geese are back on the pond.  They come every spring.  I love to watch them.  I love that when they come, it means spring is here.  They usually show up in pairs because when they mate, they mate for life.  When one shows up alone, I feel sad for them.  I hope they just haven't found their mate yet but soon will and that they won't be alone for long.

Green is starting to pop up all over, it is beautiful.  I love green.  The frogs are awake again, chirping really loudly.  I love to hear them.  It sounds so "woodsy" to hear them.  Once they start, you can hear them in the morning and at night.  As I stand here by the pond admiring the life around it, I can also hear the sound of a wood pecker, hard at it.  I can't see him in the trees, I can only hear him.
Isn't the reflection on the water, beautiful.

This picture isn't really that pretty because things are still mostly brown but if you look closely, you can see all the little ducks out there.  They're so cute and little.  They won't let me get near them.  They quickly move to the other side of the pond when I even look as though I might be headed in their direction.  I don't like to scare them, I just want to watch.

Ole Sam.  
I love his eyes.  I love how they look so gold against his blackness.  He always looks so very stern and serious...looks can be so deceiving.
He follows me out to the pond to see what I'm up to.  He just wants some good pettin'.  He's such a good boy.  He's one of my favorite kitties that hang out here.  He sits by my door all the time, waiting for me to come out and pet him (and probably feed him).  He's a lover.  He's so playful and ornery.  I watch him as he lays in wait for the other kitties so he can jump on them (as if they didn't see him waiting to pounce on them) and take them by surprise.  I watch him as he playfully scurries up a tree playing with his kitty friends.  He makes me laugh at how silly he is.  So innocent.  He doesn't know there's a bad thing in the world...except those mean ol' tom cats, but they don't really bother him yet either.  For him, life is just a pond, food in the morning, a little girl who chases him around trying to make him her "baby" 4 days out of the week and his kitty friends.  Not bad. 

These pictures brought to you by my new:
Canon Power Shot, SD 4500 IS, Digital ELPH
(I have no idea how to use it yet but I have every intention of figuring this out!) 

Thank you Craig, you're a good man:)

I love you.


Moira said...

Hi there Traci~ I am enjoying my Sabbath, checking in with all the blogs I didn't have a chance to look at all week! Great pictures!! Looks beautiful there!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Traci said...

Yay, I'm happy you're having a good Sabbath. I hope the day is beautiful there in TX!



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