Monday, April 18, 2011


I caught B in front of the bathroom mirror with her Pharoh mask telling Moses that she wasn't going to let the people go!  Haha, how cute:)

Time to get the garden going now.  The boys have been helping me clear out the raised beds and plant our early seeds like lettuce, carrots, radish and beets.  Our cucumber, tomato, pepper, onion, brocoli and tomatillo seeds  that we have started indoors are doing well:)  I hope we get warm enough weather so we can put them out soon.

We also got the flower bed cleaned out but I need to get some seed (for continuous color) going in there too because I have some gaps, especially in the later season when I have a lack of color.

Here's our littlest gardener.  She's diggin' and pattin'...both very needful to get a garden going:)  Thank you for your help B!!

Footwear.  Yep, I like it.  Look at these cutie little girlie shoes and socks.  It just doesn't get cuter than that.  

Gracie gets to check out the walker...and B thought it was fun too:)  When we weren't looking, B climbed onto the walker and sat down and started playing too (Caleb caught her).

The sepia pics are my favorite.
Gracie doo... she's two (months)!

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