Monday, April 4, 2011

New Moon Sighted in Israel...Passover just 14 days away!

The New Moon has been seen in Israel!
This marks the beginning of the first Biblical month and a New Year!!

This picture is of the new moon outside our house this evening (It's very small in the near the upper center of the picture).  This is very exciting!!

The men blew Blow the shofar!
Psa 81:3  Blow the trumpet in the new moon, in the time appointed, on our solemn feast day. 

This also marks the counting down to Pesach (Passover)!!!.

 Num 28:16  ‘And in the first month, on the fourteenth day, is the Passover of יהוה (YHWH), 
Num 28:17  and on the fifteenth day of this month is a festival. For seven days unleavened bread is eaten. 
Num 28:18  ‘On the first day is a set-apart gathering, you do no servile work. 

Exo 12:18  ‘In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, in the evening, you shall eat unleavened bread until the twenty-first day of the month in the evening. 
Exo 12:19  ‘For seven days no leaven is to be found in your houses, for if anyone eats what is leavened, that same being shall be cut off from the congregation of Yisra’ĕl, whether sojourner or native of the land. 
Exo 12:20  ‘Do not eat that which is leavened – in all your dwellings you are to eat unleavened bread.’ ” 

We understand that Yahushuah was the fulfillment of the Passover and that His blood covers our sins, once for all.  However, we are instructed to remember or observe this time throughout all our generations as it is a commandment of YHWH to ALL  the house of Israel.

Exo 15:26  And He said, “If you diligently obey the voice of יהוה your Elohim and do what is right in His eyes, and shall listen to His commands and shall guard all His laws, I shall bring on you none of the diseases I brought on the Mitsrites (Egypt), for I am יהוה who heals you.” 

I think if Abba asks us to remember the sacrifice His son made for His people, through out all generations, it's just not too much for us to "hear and do".

Deu 6:1- 25  “And this is the command, the laws and right-rulings which יהוה your Elohim has commanded, to teach you to do in the land which you are passing over to possess, 
  so that you fear יהוה your Elohim, to guard all His laws and His commands which I command you, you and your son and your grandson, all the days of your life, and that your days be prolonged. 
  “And you shall hear, O Yisra’ĕl, and shall guard to do, that it might be well with you, and that you increase greatly as יהוה Elohim of your fathers has spoken to you, in a land flowing with milk and honey. 
  “Hear, O Yisra’ĕl: יהוה our Elohim, יהוה is one! 
  “And you shall love יהוה your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your being, and with all your might. 
  “And these Words which I am commanding you today shall be in your heart, 
  and you shall impress them upon your children, and shall speak of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up, 
  and shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. 
  “And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates. 
  “And it shall be, when יהוה your Elohim brings you into the land of which He swore to your fathers, to Aḇraham, to Yitsḥaq, and to Yaʽaqoḇ, to give you great and good cities which you did not build, 
  and houses filled with all kinds of goods, which you did not fill, and wells dug which you did not dig, vineyards and olive trees which you did not plant, and you shall eat and be satisfied – 
  be on guard, lest you forget יהוה who brought you out of the land of Mitsrayim, from the house of bondage. 
  “Fear יהוה your Elohim and serve Him, and swear by His Name. 
  “Do not go after other mighty ones, the mighty ones of the peoples who are all around you, 
  for יהוה your Elohim is a jealous Ěl in your midst, lest the displeasure of יהוה your Elohim burn against you, then He shall destroy you from the face of the earth. 
  “Do not try יהוה your Elohim as you tried Him in Massah. 
  “Diligently guard the commands of יהוה your Elohim, and His witnesses, and His laws which He has commanded you. 
“And you shall do what is right and good in the eyes of יהוה, that it might be well with you, and you shall go in and possess the good land of which יהוה swore to your fathers, 
  to drive out all your enemies from before you, as יהוה has spoken. 
  “When your son asks you in time to come, saying, ‘What is the meaning of the witnesses, and the laws, and the right-rulings which יהוה our Elohim has commanded you?’ 
  then you shall say to your son, ‘We were slaves of Pharaoh in Mitsrayim, and יהוה brought us out of Mitsrayim with a strong hand, 
  and יהוה sent signs and wonders, great and grievous, upon Mitsrayim, upon Pharaoh, and upon all his household, before our eyes. 
  ‘And He brought us out from there, to bring us in, to give us the land of which He swore to our fathers. 
  ‘And יהוה commanded us to do all these laws, to fear יהוה our Elohim, for our good always, to keep us alive, as it is today. 
 ‘And it is righteousness for us when we guard to do all this command before יהוה our Elohim, as He has commanded us.

So, to Honor our Heavenly Father, we will expect to be celebrating the Feast of Passover on the evening of April 18, 2011 and the Feast of unleavened bread for 7 days following.

May YHWH open His blessing upon you in this new month as you prepare your home and your hearts for Passover.

Chodesh Tov. (Good month)



Moira said...

Shalom Traci~
Great post, Great picture! Looking forward to Pesach too!!! YHVH bless you!!!
L'shana Tovah(Happy New Year)
Rosh Chodesh Sameach(Happy New Moon)

Mommy Set Free said...

Shanah Tovah!

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