Saturday, July 25, 2009

Making Kefir and Filmjolk

This is cool! I've been making homemade Kefir and Fil milk. Kefir is a type of fermented milk which is full of enzymes, vitamins and is a live culture similar to yogurt and is a probiotic. It aides in digestion and of coarse has a lot of protein. It is said to best be made with raw milk but at this time I mostly use organic pasteurized milk. You can use cow or goat's milk and there are water kefir grains in which you can make a drink similar to soda that actually has some benefits with the live cultures in it and less sugars. The grains grow over time (the look a little like cottage cheese, lumpy like that). You add them to milk, let the milk set out over 24 hrs. Strain the grains and leave the milk out for another 24 hrs with the airlock I have on it (in the above picture) which keeps the air from going in and only lets air out. Then refrigerate for a day or two to allow more proliferation of B vitamins then, you can drink it straight or what I do is, add to you smoothie with what ever fruit you like and a little honey. Yummy good and good for you!
The Filmjolk (pronounced: feelm yolk) Is much the same process but there are no grains and the process is much more fool proof and hard to do wrong. You save out about 6 Tbsp. of liquid from a previous batch then add it to about a half gallon of milk or cream. If you use cream, you'll be making creme frache' ( a cultured sour cream!!) Leave it out for 24-48 hours depending on the temp of your kitchen. You can then drink it straight or use it is smoothies as above, or if using cream, as a sour cream for dips recipes etc. Best served raw of coarse.
Kefir, filmjolk, yogurt all add different probiotics to your diet so it's nice to have them all on hand. You can also just add to fruit and eat it that way or make dressings and such.
This is a cool website to check out for LOTS of info on kefir grains and filmjolk:
Check out the section on "how to make homemade soda pop with kefir grains". It sounds really good. Maybe I'll try it too.
Would like to use the raw milk to make my kefir and fil milk just haven't gotten all the way there yet. I know a lot of ladies who use raw milk exclusively and I know that raw milk is full of nutrients that are destroyed by pasteurization and pasteurization is believed to make milk actually harmful to us.
It's good to make it at home instead of store bought as the store bought kefer is really full a sugars and sugars can kill the good live cultures, so by making it yourself, you know exactly what is in it and how much.

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