Sunday, July 12, 2009

So, have you ever wondered why...

So, have you ever wondered why we no longer celebrate the HOLIdays? Well, we traded them in for the HOLYdays. Let me explain what I mean. A few years ago, we began to study the origins of the HOLIdays (speaking of Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas). We learned in our studies that these days actually came out of worship to gods other than the one who created the heavens and the earth. In Leviticus Ch. 18: 1-4 God tells the ones who follow Him not to take on the customs of the people who are worshiping other gods and to keep HIS statutes (that means HOLYdays) which God told them that if the would do, they would live. Many other places in the bible Yahuah warns them against doing the things that other people were doing who were worshiping other gods. He gave them instructions so that they would be different, set apart, not like "the world" but special to Him.
As we studied the scriptures more, we discovered that Yahuah gave instructions to observe some specific days, He calls these days "Feasts Days" (these days are more commonly known as Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles) and He said to celebrate these days FOREVER because they are prophetic to us who follow Him. They teach us about His first coming and His second coming.
Passover is for us to remember: Exile from Egypt and the protection the blood of the lamb gave us from the death angel...fulfilled by Yahushua's death on the cross. Both occuring on the same Feast day.
Penecost is for us to remember: the giving of the law to Moses at Mt. Sinai and the Holy spirit falling in the upper room in the book of Acts. Both occuring on the same Feast day.
Tabernacles is for us to remember: This is a two part feast. It is the only Feast Day which has not beed fulfilled in it's the "old" testament and the "new". It has been fulfilled in the "old" as it is believed Yahushua was born on this day, thus marking His first coming. Scripture foretells of His second coming which would then need to be fulfulled on this Feast day.
The reason why He tells His followers to keep these Feast Days is so we will look for His coming and to be ready. This is why we are not to put them away as many have done. He wants us to watch for Him and be ready. He gave specific instructions to keep His HOLYdays and not trade them in for man made customs because the HOLYdays are prophetic and point to the LORDs soon return. Satan is a liar and he has tried to duplicate God's HOLY and set apart days with days that LOOk like or have a similarity to the LORD's Feast Days but have no connection in teaching us to look for our Messiah who is yet to come...again!
Definitions: Holiday...custom of men
Holy day... a day set apart by Yahuah appointed by him to be perpetually observed and remembered forever thoughout our generations.
Just goin' by the book


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your thoughts and wanted to add to them as "Hol(y) days, emphasis on (Y)ahweh vs. Hol(i) days, emphasis on (I)-myself. It is with great pleasure we observe His Holy Days, which according to His Word, is the right thing to do!

The Wilson's said...

Thanks for clarifying....corey never really explained in detail why you don't celebrate certain know him....he doesn't explain much very well!!:)

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