Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tanner's starting Highschool!!! OMGOSH!

Here's Tanner and "B". Tanner is going to be starting 9th grade this year...High school!! I can't believe it's here already. So, we've been planning what classes (a rough idea anyway) he will be taking over the next 4 years in the event he chooses to go onto college. This year he'll be taking Algebra 1, Biology, Language thru literature, US History, Typing, Computer Sci., AND Foreign Language: Hebrew. Sounds like waaaaaaay too much stuff to me. I will be very busy working with him, although he is very independent and usually doesn't ask for much help, I find it's easier if I do some learning with him so I can keep up with him and help him if he needs it as he goes along. I learn a LOT of stuff with these guys! (I don't remember it all but It's more fun to learn now than it was when I was their age!) For Algebra, if he gets into trouble, I have a friend who has volunteered herself to us if we get that awesome or what? He did pre-algebra last year and really didn't need any help. If he runs into trouble, he usually just works on it for a while until he figures it out. He's a smart guy. He's kinda quiet but smart. He's always smilin' and he likes to make ya happy. He's a good guy!!!

Right now most of his interests involve thinking up business ideas, designing computer games, and graphics, reading, riding bikes, basketball, camping. His first job was selling eggs from our chickens (when we still had them) and he made quite a bit of money from that...because he never spent ANY of it (I told you he's smart)! Right now, he's been making and selling colloidal silver machines. We started it as a science project and as a way he could make a few bucks. It's a specialty item but he hasn't done too bad with it. He likes doing his own stuff. He would like to have his own business and work for himself. I think he could!

You're a great guy Tan, I hope ya have a great school year (and me too) and that we don't get overwhelmed! Love ya, Mom

Here is one of those distorted pics Tanner took of himself with his computer...fortunately he doesn't look anything like this but it is a hoot! He looks like one of those animated super hero guys!

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