Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Card

Here are some pics of us helping Braelynne Faith make a card for her mom's birthday. O my. It was quite a battle to get her to lay her little hand flat. The foot didn't go too bad but the hand, Oooooh my goodness, the hand!!!!!!!!! She really couldn't see the need for spreading out her cute little fingers and placing them neatly on the piece of paper without trying to make a fist and crumpling up the paper, aaaahhh. O well, it is the thought that counts, right?
Look at those toes, they are the cutes toes. It's cute to look back and remember how tiny they were because they grow so fast.
As "B" says, "Happy Day". She learned that when she had her first birthday. She actually said happy birthday but I guess she's a girl who doesn't waste her time so she has shortened it down to Happy Day. Sometimes she kinda sings it. Sometimes she just says it. But she just wanted to tell her mom...Happy Day!

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