Saturday, July 4, 2009

Interesting sites

I really love to visit web sites that have info on healthy living. In the polluted world we currently live in, it becomes quite a battle to know what the healthy choices are, so I have no problem learning from others ideas and experiences.

I have a couple of sites that I have recently "perused" which I liked and I will share. The first is This gal has a ton of stuff on her site with mega links to stuff like: organic food, safe cookware, organic wine, and all the usual "green" and healthy topics. It's a fun site to look at. I found her while I was searching for a stainless steel Wok as stainless steel is supposed to be a "safe" cookware. I found out from her site that there is a difference in stainless steel products. Some stainless steel (18/0) does not have the alloys that regular stainless steel (18/10) has like nickle, which when the pan is scratched, leaches out into food...So it's good to do your shopping after you study the info!

Another site that I have visited is . It is a site dedicated to information about genetically modified foods and such. It gives a rather extensive list of brands of foods which do contain genetically modified material. AKA, Frankenfoods! God said not to mix seeds. He's the creator and He knew it would hurt us if we did it...but for the sake of making a dollar, men will do whatever they want to do with no concern for the instructions for life that Yahuah left to us.

Just fun stuff

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