Saturday, July 25, 2009

Questions from Caleb

I love it when Caleb opens up and asks questions. It really shows me the inner workings of his mind. Sometimes I really have to laugh at him because he has some pretty wild thoughts, like the time when he asked me, "Mom, what if a midget went to war and got his arm shot off and they had to give him a regular sized (prosthetic) arm"? That one actually made me laugh out loud and then I really had to ponder the thoughts that go thru this little guys mind. Ha, what a hoot! I asked him what in the world made him think of something like that, he said, "O, I just thought about one thing, then one thing led to another!"

As we sat talking about scriptures today, Caleb said to me (as his one thought leads to another thought thing kicks in) "did Yah say that there is supposed to be 24 hours in a day?" I explained to him that a man made up the time we keep on the clocks. A day as described by Yah is sunset to sunset. That is one day. In Genesis, He said, "the evening (sunset) and the morning (continuing until sunset) are the first DAY. can count the hours in a day or on the clock by dividing it any way they want, they can say it's 24 hours, 15 hours, 36 hours...and so on no matter how they divie it up, it's still man's description of time Which doesn't change what Yah says is one day. Which led us into this discussion (as MY one thought leads to another thought kicked in) EVERYTHING THAT YAH PUT INTO PLACE IS FOREVER (until heaven and earth pass away)! A day is a day still today, sunset to sunset. All the laws of nature created for this world: thermodynamics, gravity, laws governing water, motion and so on, remain true and constant forever as long as this world exists. The law of time. Time is only created for this world...why? Because Yah lives in eternity there is no end to Him. Time is created for the fallen world we live in because there is a certain amount of time appointed to us before the LORD (Yah) restores everything back to the way it was in the garden, the way it was meant to be.
So, I explained to him, ALL the laws that Yah created for this world from the very beginning are created for this world until it passes away. Man cannot change those truths that Yah has said. The laws of nature are a picture of the laws or instructions Yah gave to man. They are created for this world and they just are. Man may call them what he likes, try to manipulate them or do away with them all together but Yah has put them in place and they are created to exist here in this world FOR OUR GOOD, forever!
Yah is good. I am thankful for His truths and the opportunity we have to learn them and share them with our children.
Thoughts from this Sabbath day

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